The importance of big data in digital marketing strategies

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The importance of big data in digital marketing strategies

During the fourth quarter of 2016, El Palacio de Hierro recorded revenues of 10 thousand 811 million pesos, which represented an increase of 14.8 percent, compared to 2015, when it was 9 thousand 452 million pesos. El Palacio de Hierro is one of the companies that uses various Thailand Mobile Number List marketing strategies, such as geolocation, where it attracted potential customers through the Waze application. From there, the brand began promoting its products and visiting its stores. In addition, the company bought the store, Suburbia, which is aimed at other market segments, that is, the company managed to reach potential buyers thanks to big data studies, which forced it to reorient its market strategy. Thailand Mobile Number List

With 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Palacio de Hierro’s deputy director of digital marketing, Carlos Silis, believes that big data generates a digital footprint, which is a behavior that the company leaves “around”. For big data to work, context is needed, since they alone have 6 million Brother Cell Phone List pieces of data, which have been used to create marketing strategies to bring potential customers closer to the brand. For Carlos, brands have many ways of approaching potential customers, since by listening to users, they are known in their habits, which is also called “invisible marketing”.

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