The importance of logistics warehousing in eCommerce

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The importance of logistics warehousing in eCommerce

When it comes to eCommerce, everyone associates it directly with a website or a platform where only people make product purchases. However, very few have in mind that logistics storage can become key in this type of Estonia Phone Number List
It is true that there are different eCommerce business models such as dropshipping, liveshopping or even models such as Amazon, TuMercadazo, eBay or Mercado Libre.
But what happens when the eCommerce business itself requires logistics storage?
This is a key factor, because an e-commerce business may initially start on a small scale, but it is likely that in the future, that logistics storage will become very important and even require investments far beyond what many imagine.
In today’s article, I will talk about this topic.On the importance of logistics storage in an eCommerce business and a series of tips and advice to take into account.
# 1 – Analyze what type of logistics storage you will use
ecommerce logistics storage
Storage , courtesy of ShutterStock
When talking about logistics storage, many may think of having a warehouse or warehouse, with workers, machinery and even lifting devices in the best of cases.
But the reality is not like that, but there are different types of logistics storage that can be used and it is up to you to choose the ideal one.
Some models of logistic storage are:Own storage: It is when you have your own physical space in your business model to store the products you receive for later delivery.
Third-party storage: When you use the space of a third party to store the products that you will later send. In this option you may even have several storage points within a country.
Delivery centers: Ideal for physical stores that have several branches, in which each one has stock and shipments are made from there. Although you have to know how to take good care of the stock issue.
There are other possibilities, but I want to focus on these 3 since they are the most common, except perhaps in the case of business through models such as Dropshipping.


# 2 – Dropshipping is not always a solution.
ecommerce logistics storage 1
Dropshipping courtesy of ShutterStock
The Dropshipping  gulf email list business model basically consists of being an intermediary between the seller and the end customer. The customer makes the purchase through our platform and receives the product at home.At this time, this is how the business model of TuMercadazo.com works when buying products online in Bolivia.From this perspective, Dropshipping seems like a solutionNot so well.On the other hand, if people buy Amazon products from Bolivia through TuMercadazo.com and through the same method of Dropshipping, there are many people who do not want to receive the product directly at their homes and for this they choose the option of picking it up in offices.
That means, not only having to have offices in the 9 departments of Bolivia, but those offices may need to be expanded if purchases continue to grow. At this time, thanks to an alliance with FeDex, we have their offices throughout the country as product collection centers, which allows us to sell throughout the country.

However, what would happen if you use a Dropshipping model, where people do not want to receive the product at their homes and want to pick it up at your offices?You should invest in logistics storage yes or yes# 3 – Think about how you are going to manage your stock
ecommerce logistics storage 3
Product stock , courtesy of ShutterStock
Here comes one of the key elements in logistics warehousing issuesImagine the following situation
In stock you have 20 products. At the same time a person buys online for 20 and 15 minutes a person buys 10, while you were updating the stock manually on your eCommerce site.You are in serious trouble.
You sold 35 units of which you only had 20. And not only will you have to return the money, but you will also have to assume the charges for the payment method and the commission that it has charged the customer.Big problem right?The solution would then be to see how your logistics storage has a mechanism, procedures and even a system to keep a good control of stock quantities, which is updated and reflected immediately on the website
And be careful, the problem could be much greater when you have different logistical storage points, for example by city.

Take a detailed look at how you will handle your logistics storage and stock, because this could lead to bankruptcy# 4 – The security of logistics warehousing
ecommerce logistics storage 4
Stock control , courtesy of ShutterStock
Accidents happen.
a robbery, to a fire.If you are going to have logistical storage for your eCommerce you will have to think about all the security measures for different situations. Here are some tips and ideas:Take out insurance against theft or fire.
Install cameras so there are no blind spots.
Controls well the personnel who take care of the storage area.
Install security measures such as armored doors, security and even bars.
Establish policies for entering and withdrawing products.
It establishes how the products should be handled.
Other ideas come to mind, but I think it is clear.eyond the investment in logistics storage space in an eCommerce business, the issue of security is another key factor.# 5 – Innovate as much as you can in logistics warehousing
ecommerce logistics storage 5
Storage robots , courtesy of ShutterStock
E-commerce is growing worldwide.I think that one of the clear examples of innovation in this area is Amazon, which has gone on to invest large amounts of money in logistics storage issues, and has even developed its own horde of worker robots at this point.
In logistics storage issues for eCommerce, innovation will be a key point.Study, analyze and think of solutions that, over time, allow you to have an effective, profitable, efficient logistics storage that reduces costs. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be cheap though.

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