The importance of measuring all your marketing and sales actions

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The importance of measuring all your marketing and sales actions

Having big ideas, defined objectives and designing strategies for them is usually the day to day within companies regardless of whether they are large or smallHowever, depending on your area, location, budgets and audiences, all actions may vary and are adapted to the reality of each one. In addition to this, the type of managers and teams are a key element for the fulfillment of commercial, how to buy a mobile number or sales objectivesThat is to say, the production and sales of the company must be sufficient to cover all the expenses that must be made in it to stay operational. All income after that positive balance becomes profit.
But how do you know when you are meeting all these guidelines? How can you really know your sales numbers? Which of your marketing actions are successful? How many new or returning customers did you have, etc.?All this you will be able to know and manage through metrics and analytics that you must constantly monitor in order to use each input in your favor. An extremely important investment these days is to have experts in the field. There are many specialists in Big Data, analysis, interpretation of metrics and different values ​​that will be very helpful within your teams.


Another relevant aspect to measure is the “quality” and loyalty of your customers, as well as their user experience. With the Net Promoter Score or NPS you  gulf email list will be able to know these details and develop strategies to keep them with you and make them the main promoters of your brand, serving as support and reference for new clientsBased on all the above, in this article we are going to give you some ideas and tools with which you can optimize your marketing and sales actions through analytics.Benefits of correctly measuring your marketing and sales actions
Knowing the real results of each of your actions will allow you to improve your strategies, have greater control of your company and adapt to the real needs of your audience
This will not only increase your number of sales, but it will improve the quality of customers you get and allow your teams to be more effective because they will not have to fight with their nails to be able to close a sale and meet the objectives.
Knowing the reality of your market, what their wishes, needs and how to satisfy them is key to achieving the fulfillment of your marketing and sales goals and you will know all this information by measuring your
All these elements will allow you to have valuable information to generate greater and better sales, because it is not only important that money comes in and you recover the investment, but also to know where that income comes from.Measuring these metrics will allow you to focus more efforts on your star products or the ones that generate the most sales, instead of investing too much time and budget on those products that have not caught on.

They are also key when establishing promotions, offers or special packages. All these metrics will guide you to know what strategies to apply, how to do them and when.Knowing the competition is a great reference for any company. But don’t just look at it in a comparative way, in the style of “if they sell these shoes for $ 10, I’ll sell them for $ 9”, because there are more elements that influence the purchase decision.
Unlike sales, within the marketing department you must focus on other aspects, giving greater importance to the effectiveness of the actions in relation to the results. Marketing is the step before and the step after the sale. It is essential that you keep in mind that the relationship with the client does not end the moment you close a sale and achieve the transaction.
From then on, the moment begins to start building loyalty and always prefer you, either because of the quality of your product, the good service or the price-benefit ratio.After these tips, we hope you can start optimizing your strategies and tactics based on the valuable information that metrics and statistics give you.
Remember to share this article with your teams so that they can work in synergy and thus achieve the best results, not only by department but in general for the company.

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