The importance of posting smart content on social media.

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The importance of posting smart content on social media.

Social networks allow companies to quickly, safely and effectively share relevant information about the products and services they offer. Obviously, two fundamental points must always be taken into account so as not to generate a commercial error that can be fatal in the short term.
NEVER make direct references (“buy this product / contract this service”).
Do not bore the reader with texts that are too technical or dense.
Companies around the world understand this situation and, for this reason, their promotions on the Costa Rica Phone Number List  Internet use an intimate perspective, where the focus has clearly shifted from the commercial to the personal: Renault does not offer only cars, but the possibility of regaining freedom lost to the urgencies of modern life; Nike promises to help its customers overcome their physical and mental limits; Pepsi opens the door to a world dominated by music, youth and joy (for this reason, in addition, every year it sponsors countless concerts around the world).
Without a doubt, Henry Ford was a visionary, the first entrepreneur who truly understood the concept of generating content that established a strong bond between his company and the public.

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Thanks to its clever advertising texts, people who buy a Ford brand car feel that they are not only acquiring a vehicle but an identity that differentiates them from the rest of the people, especially Gulf Email List those who prefer Chevrolet.
Today, all companies apply the same idea, using their social networks to tell stories that put the axis on the human side of the company and not on the commercial: for example, Apple cell phones are important because they allow a father can talk to his son who lives thousands of miles away; Coca-Cola sponsors the smart recycling of returnable packaging to help the environment, etc.
The points to respect in order to generate successful content on social networks are, basically, four:
The information should be brief, emotional and direct, as if it were a person-to-person dialogue.

Publish continuously, following a well-established plan, to create a loyal audience that expects content in advance Database  (nobody is interested in following a company that only generates material once a year or, worse, uploads a lot of information during a week and then remains silent for several months).
Adapt content to the place where it will be uploaded: social networks are very different from each other and, therefore, it is necessary to adapt to them: Facebook allows you to include very long texts while Twitter is perfect for powerful phrases; Instagram should be reserved for everything related to photos.
Establish the audience we are addressing: it is not the same to write for a fifty-year-old man, married, with a mortgage and two children than for a teenager about to start high school. Each segment of the public has its specific tastes and it is good to take this detail into account when generating content so as not to waste time, money and effort.
In short, if a company wants to succeed in social networks, it must continuously and systematically publish direct, original and fresh material that allows it to connect in a real way with its customers (both real and potential).

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