The importance of the company’s Annual Purchasing Plan (Savings greater than 12%)

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The importance of the company’s Annual Purchasing Plan (Savings greater than 12%)

Are you one of those who believe that the only way to reduce costs is by cutting things in a company?
Well, let me tell you, Luxembourg Phone Number List this is not entirely true.
You can also be somewhat creative when shopping for a company, thus achieving good results.
And with good results I mean SAVINGS !!!
What I’m talking about?…THE ANNUAL PURCHASING PLAN
The annual purchasing plan is one of the main management instruments for the purchasing management of any company.In it, the processes to be carried out by the purchasing area for the next twelve months are defined and planned annually , as well as the set of actions and objectives to improve the purchases and supplies of the company.
Proper planning of the purchasing processes contributes to obtaining the best conditions in quality, service and price for the goods and services demanded
Profitability that will benefit not only the purchasing department of the company but also the entire organization through the normalization and standardization of the purchasing function in all departments, thus promoting the team’s work.


In this sense, having an Annual Purchasing Plan (PAC) helps to align the objectives of the purchasing department with the overall objectives of the company  gulf email list and allows monitoring of the degree of compliance in each department.
The main benefits of the annual purchasing plan are related to optimizing purchasing processes and generating savings .
On the one hand, it allows to establish the activities director plan by purchasing categories:
Budget availableRecurring expense perimeterSavingsLines of actionCalendar
Aspects that as a whole result in the enhancement of savings.
On the other hand, other contributions from the application of the Annual Purchasing Plan should be highlighted:
Normalizes the execution of the purchasing processes and their monitoring in relation to the established objectives.
Increases collaboration between Purchasing Units and User Areas, promoting teamwork in the purchasing function throughout the organization.
Facilitates the articulation of the relationship with suppliers .
It quantifies the potential for cost reduction , anticipating the contribution to the Purchasing Area income statement.

It contributes to improving the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of the Company.
Helps align purchasing goals with overall company goals.
Structures the planning of the Purchasing processes within the Organization.
FULLSTEP Methodology and its own Technological Platform
Fullstep offers companies its own experience and methodology in the design of the Annual Purchasing Plan (PAC) with the aim of optimizing the profitability of the company in a sustainable way .
The PAC is based on its own methodology and specific support to optimize the different stages of its implementation
It is a proprietary Technology Platform that covers the full cycle of spending and is currently used by more than 4,500 buyers and 100,000 suppliers, with more than 180,000 negotiated processes and a managed purchase volume of more than € 8,500 million / year
In addition, Fullstep has professionals specialized in the different purchasing categories that make up the companies’ annual purchasing plans, ranging from technology, services, marketing, logistics, raw materials, auxiliaries, energy or communications, among others.
Plans for SMEs and large companies
The PAC is aimed at facilitating the Purchasing and Procurement processes in both large companies and SMEs.
The organization will have a detailed planning of its purchasing processes to manage, according to the budget available for 2016. A planning in which the improvement path will be evaluated. -always in continuous collaboration with the company – in the definition, start-up and achievement of PAC results.

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