The keys and trends that will mark online shopping in the immediate future

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The keys and trends that will mark online shopping in the immediate future

Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs arrived… a whole series of devices that have changed users’ habits. Online commerce also evolves and transforms, adapting and changing the way people shop. The Paraguay Phone Number List consultancy Conteam Gruppe reveals what online shopping will be like in the immediate future.
New technologies have revolutionized the way in which the user consumes information, relates and, ultimately, lives. Online commerce has not been impassive to these changes and has adapted its strategy to new devices. For this reason, the way in which you buy online has changed and will continue to do so.
Conteam Gruppe, a marketing consultant, reveals the keys and trends that will mark online shopping in the immediate future.Physical store: place of exhibition of productsThe traditional store will gradually become a place of exhibition, meeting, product testing and holding of events for the brand. As highlighted by the consulting firm Conteam Gruppe, its capillarity will be reduced and access to it will be limited to interested parties who are close. E-commerce will have to save those kilometers of distance with its user and be able to transfer the experience of the physical space to the virtual one without losing emotion and reliability. There will be the key


Online shopping will no longer be static, but will be transformed into something dynamic. The brand will interact with its visitor, evolving towards a close,  gulf email list attractive and suggestive shopping experience. This dynamism of the new online store will be achieved through the tools that technology puts at hand. In addition, in the process, the user will receive personalized advice at all times and at the most appropriate time for the client’s use. he multiscreen client has arrived and is here to stay. Every day, in homes, online shopping will be through an advertisement that has been seen on a smart TV. The online store will be accessed directly and without releasing the television remote. In it, you will find an “online clerk”, who will advise you on your purchase and offer you any necessary explanation. That acquisition will be completed as it began, from the chair and with the command. On the other hand, next to him, another member of the family, from a tablet, will ask questions about a product, through the Web Chat. Social networks will become increasingly important and will notify the user of the arrival of their order and, once the product is at home, they will get help if they need it, for assembly or use through the Web and in your online store.hich the emotions and the senses will be involved. The client must obtain a clear perception of the Brand, its service and its product. For this, the site will adapt and take care of the sensitive aspects: environment, format, noise, sensation, impact. In addition, ecommerce must replicate the experience that the customer lives in a point of sale, adjusting to the target and being intuitive and friendly. On the other hand, you will receive a direct, professional and close contact on the site, which not only solves your doubts, but also provides value-added information and support.

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