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The Marketing blog

Neuro marketing. What is it and examples
Many people talk about neuro marketing but do you know what it is and how it affects us in daily life?
Did you know that most of the decisions we make when purchasing a product or service have a study and a theoretical explanation behind them? Why are there ads that stay living in our minds for days? You could answer with just one word: neuromarketing.
Possibly, if you are into the world of marketing, you have heard this term before. However, it never hurts to refresh our knowledge:
We can define neuromarketing as the science that is responsible for studying consumer behavior when making decisions and buying products or services.
It’s about researching the entire purchase process; before, during and after. The objective is to implement certain techniques in this process that are based on three key concepts for this term: emotion, attention and memory.

These techniques are applied on the one hand physically, with simple things such as music from the store, and on the other hand, with more developed digital methods such as artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, if the company has a website, it should also be studied how to get consumers and users to carry out actions within the website and thus improve its SEO. Knowing the users better will help increase web traffic and therefore sales.

Three main types of neuro Japan Phone Number List are known today: Visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Everything is better understood with examples so let’s get to it.
It can be considered the most important, since many studies have affirmed that the human being retains 80% of what he sees. Thus, to influence decisions, certain colors, sizes, shapes are used … which will make the consumer remember and purchase the product.

Colors today have surnames, that is, they are all linked to what they convey, something necessary that we must know to use them:
Yellow. Joy, energy and positivity.
Red. Action, passion and danger.
A clear example of this is McDonald’s, one of the best-known fast food restaurant franchises in the world. Use red as a stimulating color linked to action and yellow as a representative of happiness.

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Orange. Adventure, success and enthusiasm.
For example, the children’s television channel Nickelodeon, which uses orange to transmit adventure, fun and youth, which represents the content of its channel. Green. Nature,  Gulf Email List health and growth.
For example, the Starbucks logo, the coffee shop decided to use the color green in its brand to symbolize growth and innovation.
Blue. Trust, peace and stability.
As an example, we can name the HP brand of technology, which uses blue colors in its brand as a symbol of confidence in its products. Neuromarketing will be in charge of studying how to match colors to their shapes and sizes to find out how to impact consumers.
For example, use the color red or yellow for discounts and offers. They are colors that attract attention and that are directly related to discount for a long time. Or, that the prices end in ’99, since the consumer has the feeling of buying cheaper.

salesIt is about appealing to auditory stimuli to influence emotions and decision-making, the best example is music. To understand it better, I will put you in different situations:

You meet in a gym. You need motivation, totally connect in what you are doing and give it your all. For this, using loud and fast music at a high volume is essential.

You intend to buy the latest outfit for your best friend’s birthday, and you go to a youth store, surely you will find commercial music that encourages you to go out and motivates.

Instead, imagine that we are in a furniture store or in an office, we seek calm and tranquility so relaxing music will be played at a low volume.

The selection of music is very important (both the type and the volume) and will depend on the target audience of each company. A poor selection can make consumers uncomfortable and decide to leave.

In the latter type, we focus on the smell, touch and taste of consumers.Let’s look especially at smell. Smells are capable of bringing back memories, and they satisfy our subconscious: the aroma of coffee and croissants when entering a cafeteria or the smell of new in a furniture store.The example that comes directly to mind, and surely many of you agree with me, is the scent used by Stradivarius, the Inditex group’s fashion store. A very characteristic smell, which you not only perceive when entering the store, but also remains in the garment once you have bought it. Many companies do not give this concept the importance it deserves. As we well know, we are currently in a global pandemic situation, derived from COVID-19, so it is mandatory that each store provides disinfectant gel at the entrance and exit of the enclosure. What better way to introduce now the scent essence that you want to transmit with the use of that gel? Have you thought about it before?

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