The mattress business in Bolivia, by Sebastían Molina

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The mattress business in Bolivia, by Sebastían Molina

It had been a long time since I had a Mclanfranconi.com guest, but today’s one is truly a luxury guest.

Today you will share with us all your experiences and advice, to my friend Sebastían Molina Barbery. How could you describe it? Young, enterprising, with “claw”, of this new generation of young people who are taking the business world by storm and seem to have energy for everything. Sebastían currently runs a chain of branches called Directo, which has specialized mainly in offering mattresses and which has been growing by leaps and bounds in Bolivia.
We are going to know a little about their history, their experiences and advice for young entrepreneurs. Apart from the theme, it is quite striking in itself.
Question: How did you get started in the mattress business with Directo? What was the reason for entering this market?
Answer: We started Directo in 2009, focused on providing a quality service for the end customer with products for the home. Initially we commercialize household appliances and electronics We fought in this field for 4 years and in the meantime we were always attentive to the needs of the market and listening to customers.

Always on the path of growing and expanding our range of products, we knock on doors, participate in fairs, etc. Thus, at the 2013 Expocruz Fair, we came to fruition with the Sueñolar factory, which brought together the points that we observed were lacking in Santa Cruz: Excellent quality at an affordable price. One of Sueñolar’s slogans summed up everything: Quality within everyone’s reach.
This, added to the particular focus on providing special attention that we had already been cultivating in the company, generated a symbiosis that to date has generated that we already have 9 stores, we are present in the best hotels in the country and we are on our way to leadership in our business.
Question: What was the hardest thing you had to go through when you started this business?
Answer: First, to become known and to be talked about. We entered a field in which companies that were already present had been in the market for many years and had been doing things in a certain way, concentrating on specific places, Singapore Phone Number List in a certain way, etc.We came to change everything and make the Mattress go from being an important product for the home to being an object of desire, an imperative need.
The second most important challenge was generating the necessary trust in us. We invest a lot in advertising and positioning. We keep doing it.
Question: What is the differential or added value that Directo has?
Answer: We offer personalized and specialized attention. We are specialists in rest, I dare to say that we are the only specialists in rest in Bolivia.We do not sell mattresses, we provide the precise solutions to be able to rest well. And we do it in pleasant spaces in every sense, with first-class staff and giving extras such as free and fast home delivery, a wide range of products for rest to be able to buy everything in one place, many points in the city to facilitate life to our clients, among others. A complete experience.
Question: What is the secret of achieving a successful business according to your criteria?
Answer: Persistence, planning and continuous improvement. Innovation is important. And do not forget that a people’s problem must be solved, in an organized manner and with good service.
If you are not solving a problem, if you are not delivering something needed and valuable, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to have sustained success.

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Question: Is it easy to communicate or advertise mattresses?Answer: It has its secrets. Even more so, when one has a multitarget market and we attack it with different brands. There are 3 brands that we handle: Directo, Sealy, gulf email list  which is the # 1 brand of mattresses in the world and Sueñolar, which is the # 1 brand of mattresses in Paraguay and that is the one with which we offer quality available to everyone.
From day one we have attacked from different fronts. We have had different ways of approaching advertising. It is a real pleasure to communicate and advertise solutions for people’s rest.
Question: Speaking of advertising. Some time ago there was a great stir because in one of the Direct ads instead of using the typical models, you used the image of a “cholita” as they say in Bolivia and this generated from criticism to applause. Why did you decide to do this? ?
Answer: By targeting a broad audience offering everything from affordable products to the best in mattresses and box springs, we did a deep analysis of how to best communicate our messages.

We walked through a transition, starting with Fabiana Villarroel as an image, then we saw that 1 professional model was excellent, however it did not encompass all of our audience: we started with Jennifer Salinas. She is a mother, an athlete, a fighter for life. A woman with whom Bolivian women and families identify. It was an extraordinary step.However, later we saw that with just one person, it was technically impossible to make all of our audiences fall in love, so we made a campaign such as our market is: multitarget. We now have the image of an older and intellectual man (Carlos Hugo Molina), a model and successful woman in the media (Vivian Fiaschetti), children of different ages, couples, business people and we include there a lady in a skirt with his little daughter. Both beautiful, great actresses, they did a great job. The impact surprised us, however, one obviously runs ad campaigns to generate impact.
Of course, we were only looking for a commercial impact, not the social and national impact that was achieved. However, I consider that it was something very enriching and positive because it generated the public to take ownership of the brand and highlighted the values ​​and principles that we have as a company.
Question: What do you think is the element that a company should not lack to become successful?
Answer: I work hard. Valuable end products, with real exchange value. Never sell smoke. To be honest. And a lot, a lot, persistence.

Question: If you had to give advice to young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business, what would it be?Answer: It is always important, essential, vital to prepare and be detailed. Being perfectionist. It is preferable to delay a launch one day than to do it in a loose, improvised way. The line that separates an amateur from a professional is thin, it is precisely the details.
However, once the entrepreneur passes the amateur line and becomes a professional in his own way, he is separated miles from the amateur. The professional in something is not necessarily the one who has a cardboard that says he is, but rather the one who knows how to do something and does it well, delivering a valuable final product with real exchange value.
The path of each entrepreneur is unique and therein lies the beauty: there is no script that says that such a person should do such a thing. Each one is the author of his own story and it is worth making an effort so that one’s own story is beautiful and worth living.

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