The new consumer: 10 keys to understanding it

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The new consumer: 10 keys to understanding it

The new consumer is here Do you already know him?Many times in consulting matters, companies hire me because they feel that their sales or that new clients are not arriving at the same rate as years ago.
It seems that many companies do not notice it but the different types of customers are updated, changed and grow at a much faster rate than one can imagine. Some also seem to forget that the most important aspect of the entire business cycle is actually consumers and that we must actively study them.
When we talk about Dominican Republic Phone Number List we talk about market research, in order to understand how to satisfy your needs and at the same time make a company profitable.
For this reason, today I will comment on some aspects of the new consumer. Aspects that we cannot ignore if we really want to have powerful companies.Table of contents [ Show ]
Informed , courtesy of ShutterStock
There is not much to say here.

Thanks to access to technology, the new consumer learned to be more informed, with a higher level of knowledge and even with a greater degree of analysis than many years ago.
Previously, the consumer was allowed to fall in love with a good advertising message; But nowadays, before making a decision, he prefers to consult it on Google, on Social Networks and even analyze alternatives.
If we really want to reach this new consumer, our focus must be on being able to make the information reach them in the best possible way and at the same time make them actually consume it.
The new consumer 2
Unfaithful , courtesy of ShutterStock
Just as information is power, this client now has so much information, so much knowledge and so many possibilities that he becomes unfaithful.You may be unfaithful because you liked the color of another product better, or perhaps because the other company sends you greetings for your birthday, or even because you discovered that the price, even if it is more expensive, gives you a higher quality product.


If we want to take care of our customers and attract the attention of this new consumer, we must know what it is that hooks them and try to do it.And this does not mean something generic, but rather something personalized, which brings us to the next point.THE NEW CONSUMER WANTS TO FEEL UNIQUE
The new consumer 3
Unique , courtesy of ShutterStock
I remember that  gulf email list recently a person told me that he was not comfortable with his telephone company, but that he was not going to go over to the competition because he knew that the competition was more focused on new customers and the faithful did not greet them on their birthday.
Now it is not only about having a good product or service, but also about making the customer feel unique, making him feel special, that he feels that we have prepared something just for him.
So generic messages, mass emails, non-targeted advertisements or even cold phone calls without personalization were left behind.
To woo and retain this new consumer, we must make them feel that they are unique.
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The new consumer 4
Advertising , courtesy of ShutterStock
This new consumer is totally cold when it comes to seeing those advertisements where James Bond appears recommending a watch, or the famous one who shows that he uses such a produc
Why?Because this new consumer is so bombarded with advertising messages that he already seems to reject them.
The advertising message then loses strength if it is the typical messages loaded with phrases, clichés or generic concepts.

Remember that this new consumer gives more weight to his community in Social Networks telling him what to consume, than in front of a brand that tells him that it is the best, the prettiest and his best option.To get the attention of this consumer, we then have to rethink the way we advertise.
This is totally logical.If a person is well-informed, likes innovation, and knows more than companies about their own products, then this customer likes news.
Recently in Santa Cruz (Bolivia) famous brands such as KFC or Starbucks arrived and we saw how suddenly thousands of people were going to consume, try and even take photos in their establishments.
It is not then that people were running because they are the best brands or because they have the best product, but that the new consumer feels the need to try, test, touch, look and feel these novelties in order to satisfy their need to have more information.
The new consumer lives through experience, using all their senses, instead of just getting hooked on the message.THE NEW CONSUMER DOES NOT CARE TO SPEND
The new consumer 6
Spend money , courtesy of ShutterStock
Many companies believe that today’s customer spends less and that is something I do not agree with very much.Today’s customer really needs to experiment and live so many experiences that now he tries a little of everything, but he likes to spend or rather buy.
If we add to this the diversity of brands that it has in front of unlike previous years, then it is really understood that it is not that you spend less in general, but that you may spend less on our brand.
We must understand then that perhaps it is time to innovate in our own company to make the client spend again on us, fill their needs for experiences and innovations and thus regain the affection they had for us.

If a brand really gives you reasons, today’s customer may even go into debt in order to obtain what is being offered.THE NEW CONSUMER IS MULTICHANNELThe new consumer 7
Media , courtesy of ShutterStock
Nowadays it is difficult to affirm that the client watches television, listens to the radio or reads the newspaper.There are very few statistics that tell us about the flow of channel consumption that a consumer has.
Just to mention one example, every morning I wake up and turn on the television to watch the news while I change to go to the office. I leave my house and listen to the radio in the car. I come to my office and read some online sites while having a coffee. At noon I read the newspaper at home. At night I usually continue reading or informing myself thanks to my Smartphone.
In short, we can no longer depend on a single channel to reach the consumer, but we must understand that the new consumer is multi-channel.
Our marketing strategies and plans should also be multi-channel.
Otherwise, we will only be using a very small percentage of the media that that client uses for the day.
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The new consumer 8
Love , courtesy of ShutterStock
Perhaps this is the strangest trend, but analyzing in depth one realizes that it is not.
New consumers seek to relate deeply to their brands, some even reach a high level of fanaticism (Brand Lovers or Lovemarks)

This is due to the fact that if a brand gives customer experiences, satisfies their needs, and if on their social networks they talk to them and make them feel unique; It is understandable then that this client falls into a kind of love affair with that brand.
So let’s remember that the most important thing then is to find a way to create a true brand-customer relationship and not that relationship from years ago that was based on a monologue by brands.
The new consumer 9
Message , courtesy of ShutterStock
In many conferences on social media and digital marketing, I mentioned the importance of understanding that the new consumer is now the message.
Thanks to social networks, people have become “prosumers”, this means that they are producers and consumers of content.
Let’s think for a moment; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Viadeo, Youtuve, Xing, in short, all these sites are truly platforms that feed on the content created by users. Brands create only a small percentage of them.
So, we must understand that beyond the institutional or advertising message, the new consumer is the message, because in the long run he will continue to share the content, creating it or even modifying it for his connections.
Not for anything in this new era, we have seen many cases of brands that were elevated to glory or destroyed, by their own consumers.
It is therefore key that when putting together a social media plan , it is clearly contemplated that this new consumer has a very important role.

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