The new role of the consumer

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The new role of the consumer

To say that the world has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 50 is no longer frivolous. This paradigm shift has meant an important change in the role of the consumer who takes all power over brands.Today it is not enough to say the right thing to convince consumers about the social commitment of a company. Leading Companies build their reputations through actions, not just words. CSR has often been used as a qualitative leap in many companies to re-align themselves with the new and emerging ideals that society demands. However, saying the right thing is not enough and some Companies have limited themselves to using it as a malta phone number format tool. Today, consumers and the general population demand actions and not words, and this makes a much more fluid conversation between brands and the general public necessarySome years ago some brands already understood that things were changing. Procetr & Gamble is a good example of this. A few years ago he started a cold wash campaign for his Ariel detergent, with the background of “helping to save the planet” thanks to energy savings.

But the population is looking for a greater commitment to sustainability and brands. According to the 2013 Meaningful Brands Index, published by Havas Media, 71% of the 134,000 respondents said they expect companies to commit to “actively participate in solving important environmental and social problems.” An important piece of information emerges from the same report: most consumers would not mind if 73% of the brands disappeared, while only 20% of them contribute significantly to improving the quality of life.
The truth is that consumers want an effective change of attitude in brands, even if they are not willing to pay more for it. If Nike can make us vibrate with sport, why shouldn’t it link that with nature and make us enjoy sport outside. Without a doubt they are concepts that must be directly linked.


On the other hand, the role of active consumers is not only to participate in the dialogue. Today people can be both a producer and a consumer. It sounds gulf email list strange, but here the excellent example of the Patagonia brand may be just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reversing consumption. We know that 3D printers have already reached homes, this means that we can become producers of our own products. For some time now, the new economic situation in our country has made the second-hand market for all kinds of goods resurface. Today the purchase becomes much more rational.Finally, evolution requires fresh ideas, and thus companies that have learned to listen to their audience and co-create have a competitive advantage. Lego released its Mindstorms and DesignByMe kits, which allow users to create their own designs and toys. However, according to a recent IBM study, although 63% of CEOs consider co-creation as a key factor for success, less than 5% know how to manage these processes.
We are very close to closing one year and it is time to make new resolutions for the next. This is a process that involves reflection in order to learn from the past. Will brands be learning their lesson?

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