The New York Times will moderate public comments with artificial intelligence

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The New York Times will moderate public comments with artificial intelligence

The American newspaper, The New York Times, innovates once again in its digital strategy, on this occasion it announced that it has ready an artificial intelligence program, with which it will moderate public comments, that is, it will avoid trolls and racist expressions . It consists Bulgaria Mobile Number List of a program backed by Google Holdings, which will be called “moderator”, which will work through machine learning developed by Jigsaw. The goal is for Times readers to be able to comment on all the top stories Monday through Friday.Bulgaria Mobile Number List

Users will be able to comment on a note they saw on Monday, when it is at the end of the day on Friday, which indicates that previously they could only comment 10 percent, since their 14 human moderators had to analyze 12 thousand comments daily, but with AI it will jump to 25 percent. The goal of the journal is to include 80 percent comments in your notes. Apparently, artificial intelligence will learn the language of conversations and reverse Brother Cell Phone List the trend of trolls, who often dominate the conversation. Also, the software recognizes comments that are toxic and irrelevant and then filters them out. The newspaper is not the only one, The Economist has also been experimenting with Jigsaw tools for months, but has not released it definitively.

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