The Paceña beer brand, bets on advergaming with “Compartamos la Copa”

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The Paceña beer brand, bets on advergaming with “Compartamos la Copa”

It is a joy for any marketer to see that brands in their country are being encouraged to carry out professional, innovative and different Spain Phone Number List actions.
Today I will talk about the Bolivian brand of Paceña beer (which by now many must know or drink)
The company is carrying out a BTL action in which it uses advergaming as a strategy to attract attention and involve people.What is advergaming?This concept is born from the sum of two other concepts. On the one hand ADVERTISING (Advertising) and on the other of GAMING (Playing games). Thus, advergaming mixes advertising through the use of video games that relate the brand to the action.
There are thousands of examples of advergaming worldwide and now we have a very good example at the national level from the Paceña beer brand.

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What is the action about?
The campaign is called ” gulf email list Let’s Share the Cup” and with the precise objective of taking advantage of the cup that is currently being played, giving joy to people playing one of the more than 3,000 points that are available throughout the country.
That’s right, more than 3,000 points !!! Crazy.
The objective of the game is basically to use the clients’ Smartphone and through an application to stop the penalties taking the role of the goalkeeper.
To learn more about the action, I leave you a promotional video of this action below.

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