The potential of advertising on Pinterest, the network where social commerce was born

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The potential of advertising on Pinterest, the network where social commerce was born

Today, we are witnessing an increasingly fragmented landscape of social media platforms . New networks seek to sneak into the favorite apps of users eager to consume online content. However, today we are not talking about revelation social networks, but about old friends; Because Pinterest  free phone directory england  has always been there, continually gaining followers and growing in functionalities without much fuss. What is the idiosyncrasy of this social network? How is advertising on Pinterest evolving? We resolve these issues below.
Pinterest, the network of inspiration that does not stop growing
The functioning of Pinterest as a social network is based on the collection of ideas and material around certain topics and interests . Users search and save the pins they like the most on collectible boards .
It is well known in certain niches such as decoration, DIY, crafts, gastronomy, fashion or beauty. Although, perhaps by classifying it in these segments is why the potential it has to reach a much more general audience goes unnoticed . The generational distribution is quite even . The percentage of Millennials, Generation X and Generation Z users is almost the same (35% and 34% respectively) and is not that far from Baby Boomers either (27%). For this reason, it is a social network that reaches all age groups .
Source: Percentage of US adults using Pinterest – 2019 data fromStatistaSource: Percentage of US adults using Pinterest – 2019 data from StatistaHow do they use Pinterest?We summarize the idiosyncrasy of Pinterest:

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The users use keywords in their searches , but options also has features that enable search  gulf email list visual , ie, the network locates pin with similar photos to the user tells you. The Pinterest algorithm displays suggestions for pins and profiles to follow based on the interests linked to your searches.
In addition to the niches we mentioned earlier, Pinterest has spotted other trends that are gaining popularity online . They highlight, for example, the contents related to technology , gamers or teleworkers that show their new offices at home.Unlike networks like Instagram in which brands have very limited options to drive traffic to their websites, Pinterest is an extraordinary source of organic visits . This is also coupled with the interesting fact that users come to this network to find inspiration directly linked to their purchases . In this regard, it stands out enormously ahead of the rest of social platforms:
Source: Type of US user activities on social platforms – Statista 2019
Source: Type of US user activities on social platforms – Statista 2019
Advertising formats on Pinterest
Pinterest works as an inspiration search engine , so Pinterest Ads allow brands to find a place faster in queries that are related to their business. In addition, Pinterest has just included the possibility of launching dynamic ads supported by an algorithm capable of automating the platform’s targeting process .
The ad formats on Pinterest are the most varied, although the common denominator is the enormous weight of the visual aspect:

Standard pin : you can advertise a pin already created by the brand or create one from scratch. It has an image, a title and a description, as well as a direct link to the web.
Video Pin : This is to include micro-videos of between 6 and 15 seconds instead of still images.
Carousel type pins : they are made up of more than one image . Tags can be added that work like hashtags so that the carousel can be shown to like-minded users and can also be linked to products . They are widelyused to display product ranges.Pin collections : this is a format that combines inspirational images with other products more focused on sale. Pinterest as a fast track to gain online visibility
A traditional Spanish saying says that “some have fame, and others cardan the wool” and, saving the distances, perhaps this expression is fulfilled with Pinterest. During 2020, Pinterest made much fewer headlines than other social networks such as TikTok with its micro-videos , but it gained a not inconsiderable number of new users and, in addition, it has not stopped promoting the phenomenon of social commerce, something that occurs naturally in this platform.
Many users come to Pinterest with a clear purchase intention , so it is a social network with great potential for brands not only in terms of advertising, but also in terms of organic visibility . If you want us to help you define the strategy to carry out on Pinterest to get the most out of it in all its aspects, contact us and our consultants specialized in social media will help you .

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