The role of men in supermarket purchases emerges with force

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The role of men in supermarket purchases emerges with force

It is becoming more and more common to see men, list in hand, carefully studying super Kazakhstan Phone Number List shelves, in search of domestic supply products. According to data from Defy Media, men start shopping, and for this they do not always need female recommendations.As reported in the “Brand New Man” report, currently 65% ​​of men are responsible for buying food and household products. We are facing the birth of a new consumer profile, which is expected to meet new brands, without having to turn to women, the until now main responsible for home purchases.It is a task they enjoy. 67% affirm that they like to take an active part in these actions for the benefit of the home, so they do not put obstacles when shopping. Even 54% admit that they go to the supermarket more than their partner53% of the participants in the Defy Media study proudly admit that their wife does not tell them which brands to buy,

but that they make their own decisions. Likewise, it should be borne in mind that 47% of these men take personal recommendations into account when deciding on one brand or another. On the other hand, 40% recognize the influence of advertising on their purchase decisions, while 28% seek information through social networks and 24% strive to learn more about brands and products thanks to YouTube.The report also highlights a greater concern for health and a healthy diet on the part of these men. 70% affirm that they now buy healthier products for themselves than before. For this reason, 58% actively seek natural products, low in fat and sugar, and even organic.


With this new behavior, companies face a new consumer profile. A customer who actively searches  gulf email list for and compares prices and products, and enjoys discovering brands for himself. The influence of women is still unavoidable in this purchasing process (47%), although they are gradually gaining experience and finding new sources that offer suggestions and useful information to make their own decisions.

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