The role of YouTube Kids as an advertising platform within online video strategies

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The role of YouTube Kids as an advertising platform within online video strategies

With more than 20 million weekly users, YouTube Kids has established itself as the  free france mobile number successful YouTube bet that offers specific audiovisual content for children . Aimed at children between the ages of two and 12, YouTube Kids allows parents to control what their children watch; While, for brands, it constitutes an ideal advertising platform to work on branding and ensure that messages reach the whole family.To take advantage of YouTube Kids as a tool within a digital marketing strategy, it is not only necessary to understand the rules of the game that this channel sets for creators and advertisers. It is also necessary to understand the behavior of the smallest as consumers of online video , as well as the role of parents in managing their audiovisual menu.Children as YouTube users
The data shows that the Internet is not the exclusive province of adults. And much less in these times of confinement due to the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic . An analysis by Qustodio reveals that, during the week after the declaration of the state of alarm in Spain, the online activity of Spanish minors grew by 180% . This pattern is replicated in other countries that have also taken social distancing measures, such as France, where the use of the network by children increased by 120% in the seven days following the closure of schools; or the United States, where this figure was 95%n addition, when choosing their favorite audiovisual content provider, children are clear about it. According to the report Children and parents: media use and attitudes report 2019 Ofcom , 45% of children between five and 15 years stays with YouTube , ahead of platforms Video on Demand (VoD) as Netflix (32%) and traditional television (17%).

Among the reasons that justify this preference, stands out the authenticity transmitted by a good part of YouTube videos. As they are amateur recordings , they are closer and more credible for children than the content behind a professional production, typical of other platforms.LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
Advantages of YouTube Kids for parents
YouTube is a great source of knowledge and fun, but like other content providers, not everything it hosts is suitable for children. Hence the launch in 2015 of the YouTube Kids app. It helps parents provide their children with a selection of safe and age-appropriate YouTube videos .Content selection screen by age on YouTube KidYouTube Kids combines double filtering : that of YouTube itself, which chooses content that respect the application’s policy through a machine learning algorithm and manual screening ; and that of parents, who can personalize their children’s menu by creating individual profiles for each child, blocking videos, restricting searches or limiting the time of use of YouTube Kids.It should be noted that YouTube Kids keeps certain YouTube functionalities disabled, such as comments, notifications or the possibility of saving videos in a personal playlist .

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Particularities of YouTube Kids as an advertising platform
In order to protect children’s rights and comply with the provisions of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), promulgated by the United gulf email list  States Government, paid advertising shown to minors who enter YouTube Kids must meet very specific requirements . The app only supports ads hosted directly on YouTube (never published by third parties) and in the in-stream format , with maximum durations of three seconds for bumper ads , 15-20 seconds for non-skippable ones, and 60 seconds for skippable ones. In addition, it establishes restrictions and vetoes on the categories of products that can be advertised .But the big difference with respect to YouTube for adults is that YouTube Kids advertising cannot induce action immediately , since the option to include clickable links with URLs that derive traffic to the web or to landing pages that promote the capture of leads. Additionally, YouTube Kids prohibits targeting advertising by interest and using remarketing techniques.The challenge of impacting the appropriate audience without segmenting by interests
This is precisely the great handicap of the brands of toys, video games, stationery, accessories, etc., which have families as customers . How to reach the little ones, those who have the power to activate the customer journey and influence the purchase decision, without being able to personalize paid ads on YouTube KidsThe answer lies in contextual advertising and in the application of audience segmentation techniques based on the content they consume. In this way, the most efficient way is to select a list of channels and even specific videos as an advertising placement .LUCÍA GONZÁLEZ , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM GROUP
This Statista ranking reflects which are the most popular YouTube children’s channels , taking the total number of subscribers as a metric:Statistic: Most popular children-themed YouTube channels as of January 2020, ranked by number of subscribers (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista
Segmentation by channel or by video can be combined with others such as location , operating system , device (computers, smartphones, tablets, gadgets that connect to broadcast on the television screen) or the keywords used by the user for the search for new content.
Is this enough to reach the target audience? In general terms, we can conclude that it is. The mere fact of associating a pre-roll promotion with children’s audiovisual content ensures with high reliability that the advertisement will be shown to a minor of the appropriate age . YouTube Kids thus fulfills what it promises: it delimits an online space designed for children where both videos and advertisements are tailor-made for them.

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