The Social Uganda phone number  Sciences To Speak

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The Social Uganda phone number  Sciences To Speak

Of Postmodernity .to Frame And Understand A Whole Series Of Phenomena Typical Of The Days We Live In. Which Have A Lot To Do With Globalization And Which Have Effects On Uganda phone number  Social Life: The Globalization Of Macroeconomic Relations With Liberal Criteria, Scientific And Technical Progress , The Advent And Consolidation Of The Internet As A Global And Instantaneous Tool For Content Dissemination, Communication And Information Exchange, And Migratory Movements That Travel Around The Planet From End To End, With Multilingual And Multicultural Derivatives That They Are Associat With It. Postmodernity _it Also Implies A

Revolution In The Concept Of Identity, And Advocates An Exaltation Of The Individual, Free From Social Barriers, A “everyone Can Be Whatever He Wants”. The Latter Is ReinforcBy The Fact That, On The One Hand, There Are Larger Institutions In The World (The Global Ones) And, On The Other Hand, That There Are More, So That The Rules Of The Game Have Been Relax. Institutional. Or Maybe There Are So Many Rules That Everyone Can Choose The Ones They Want To Follow And We Are Moving Towards “everything Is Possible” Socially. 1globalization Has To A Resurgence Of The Cultural Identities Of Individuals, Often Social

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In Postmodernity And Who Tend To Polarize. We Can Talk About Multi -identity: In Addition To Identities Relat To Gender, Territory, Race, Religion, Language, Etc., There Are Also Individuals Who Are Defin By Affinities And Often Personal Choices Such As The Uganda phone number  Type Of Music. Listening, A Lifestyle That Is Close To Nature (Vegetarianism, Natural Micine, Etc.) Or Belonging To Social Groups Whose References Are Largely Global (Sociologist Manel Castells Speaks In This Sense Of “network Society”). All These Identities, Moreover, Can Be Given Separately Or Coexist In The Same Individual. This Is What Feixa And Nilan Call Hybrid Identities, Especially Among Younger People: “[…] Hybridization Is A Process Of Interaction Between The Local And The


Global, The Hegemonic And The Subaltern, The Center And The Periphery” (2009: 74). Finally, We See The Emergence Of A New Global Identity, An Identity Of People Who Are No Longer Defined By The Place Where They Were Born Or Where They Live, But Feel Uganda phone number  Exclusively “Citizens Of The World.” According To Manuel Castells, This Revitalization Of The Sense Of Identity Has Taken Place As Nation-states Cease To Be Close References To Individuals. This Is How Castells Explains It: “over The Last Fifteen Years, The Development The Process Of Globalization And A Reference Of Various Cultural Identities Have Coexisted In The World:

The Uganda phone number  Sociologist Argues

Religious, National, Ethnic, Territorial, Gender And Other Specific Ones. The Two Processes Take Place At The Same Time ”(2004: 17). That This Reinforcement Of Local Identities Arises Uganda phone number  To Balance. The Tendency To Establish A Universal Culture, Coupled With Globalization. And That It Has Largely Been Possible For Nation-states, Which Occupied A Preeminent Place During Modernity, Have Yielded Power, To Understand Us, “upwards” (Towards Supranational Beings, Such As In Europe The Eu). And “down” (Towards Subnational Entities: Regions, Municipalities, Etc.). In Other Words, We Individuals Want To Be Part Of A Global World

Because That Is Where Humanity Is Headed And Because. We See The Benefits, Especially In Terms Of Access To Information, Wealth, And Progress. But We Want To Do So Without Losing Uganda phone number  Our. Personal Identity And Even More Reinforcing It (Individualization ). At The Same Time, We Want To Preserve Our Social Identity, Which Defaines Us As Members Of Local Society. So That We Can Participate In Globalization Without Disfiguring Ourselves. Thus, Castells Highlights Two Types Of Identities That Are Especially “Resistant. Religious And National. In Europe, Religious Identity Is Quantitatively Unimportant; National Identity, On The

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