The steps to generate crossmedia strategies

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The steps to generate crossmedia strategies

The digital revolution is essential for the interaction between brands and consumers, said Ricardo Rivera, head of marketing at Volaris Mexico. The company is present in 60 cities in Mexico and in 5 cities in Latin America. Massive customer service customization consists of giving the right message to the right consumer, at the right time: that’s crossmedia . The most important thing is to define objectives, that is, attract new customers, increase Uganda Mobile Number List sales, raise the average ticket , generate loyalty, make costs efficient and generate engagement. Another important step is to know the client from different points of view, which consists of using an intelligent data platform, which for Ricardo is “data mining” and insights , which translates into the right message, to the right people, in the right place. right time, right time.Uganda Mobile Database

The Customer Journey consists of attracting relevant moments and micro-moments that provide the necessary tools to create experiences between the brand and the consumer, which in marketing terms are known as “dreaming”, “planing”, “blooking”, “experience” and finally, “sharing”. Likewise, it is relevant to identify relevant vehicles to meet Brother Cell Phone List the customer. The personalization of digital marketing strategies are “recognize, remember, reach, relevance”, the facets where companies seek to target specific customers. In addition, Volaris considers it essential to create a “liquid conversation” , that is, to achieve communication with potential customers from the impact that the brand has on social networks, from its followers, monthly and annual comments, interactions, to the response rate.

To optimize communication channels, the ideal thing is to have the audience identified, since they will help define the percentage of investment that the brand will allocate to that potential audience . This is achieved with dynamic, creative, updated, varied ads, among others. The implementation of the above strategies will help to optimize the portfolio of channels.

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