The strategies to create a good marketing campaign through Licensing

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The strategies to create a good marketing campaign through Licensing

Licensing is understood as the method of attracting more customers to a brand, through the acquisition of licenses that allow the product to incorporate characteristics of another, which benefit the company that acquires it as well as the one to which it is transferred. The two Sri Lanka Mobile Number List companies negotiate a contract, which has a duration of time for a certain specific geographic area, in exchange for royalties. Licensing can be a tool for brands and their marketing strategies, since it helps the process of building companies, in addition to positioning them among their competition. The strategy is used by large, medium and small companies. Sri Lanka Mobile Number List

For Licensing to be successful, it is not enough with a product and a correct line extension, through the creation of an emotional bond, emotions, since they lead people in their search for the purchase Brother Cell Phone List of the brand’s product or some similar product. The strategies to create a good marketing campaign through Licensing. For Televisa’s vice president of programming and marketing, Gerardo López Gallo, people’s basic emotions are essential for creating a good strategy, that is, “connecting through emotions”.

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