The syndrome of the company that vomits customers

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The syndrome of the company that vomits customers

It is well known that every company needs customers in order to survive in the market, there is no doubt about that. However, I have long seen as a consultant and Romania Phone Number List specialist a kind of obsession of many companies to get more and more clients, not caring about anything else at all.
Obviously there is nothing wrong with this, as long as the syndrome of the company that vomits customers does not occur.The #Syndrome of the company that #vomits customers.CLICK TO TWEET
To express myself better I will use an analogy.
BurgerImagine that one day you come home very hungry. Then you open the refrigerator and notice that it is full of the most varied edibles. From fruits and vegetables, to even portions of cake, sweets and much more.At that moment your hunger guides you and you decide to start eating. But not only are you going to eat until your hunger is satisfied, you are going to eat until you are really full. So bite after bite, you are satisfied, your stomach is bloated, but for some strange reason you cannot stop eating.There comes a time when there is so much food that your body makes a decision for you; decide to start expelling all the food you’ve choked on.
I am not going to describe the scene, but I will only tell you that 100% of what you ate, there is absolutely nothing left in your stomach.Everything came out again!Now let’s look at this story, but from a business point of view and instead of food, let’s talk about customers.
There are companies that really get so obsessed, but so obsessed with getting new clients that they don’t realize that they dedicate all their effort to make those big “binges” and that finally end up losing (or vomiting) a large part of clients, both new and old .



For example, if you start to analyze your environment right now, you will notice that many companies offer different promotions, discounts and even gifts to people for becoming their customers. There comes a time when customers start to come and they don’t really have a retention mechanism in place. And this is how they end up neglecting their loyal customers and part of the new ones in the long run.
In short, there are companies so  gulf email list focused on bingeing that they forget to care for and retain their customers.
First of all, remember that it is important to get new customers, but that you should not neglect your loyal or current customers at the same time.
So I recommend you seriously think about a customer loyalty system or even customer recognition.
In the long run, the customer is more unfaithful than ever and may come out of your stomach to get into the mouth of another company that is starting to binge.
Secondly, it is important that you seriously define how you are going to act with the new clients that are arriving and that you can keep them.
Why am I saying this?
Again, many companies are so focused on getting new customers that they start offering certain benefits, promotions or discounts, but they actually translate into a single purchase and never manage to retain them. In the long run they only learn to survive by offering discounts or gifts and thus end up damaging the company.

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So the secret lies in retaining the clients you get, not in constantly looking for new clients.
What’s more, the cost of getting a new client can be up to 6 times more than caring for a client.
On the other hand, several studies mention that a loyal customer can spend 10 times more than a newcomer.ANY OTHER SUGGESTIONS?
Something that I always mention in my courses and workshops is that when we do marketing, the first thing we must do is study our market, and our market can be our current clients and our potential clients.The first advice is that we study our current clients first to see if we are really applying strategies that retain, maintain and loyalty them.If a company is not doing it, then it is leaving a huge door open so that when the time comes, they leave and leave us without a second thought.
The second tip is to study our potential market, find a way to attract it to our company and automatically when carrying out some type of customer acquisition action, try to retain and retain them.
So with this logic, it is much better to have 1,000 loyal customers to my brand, than to be every month attracting 1,000 customers and losing 900 along the way.
Take a good look at your company and look for any signs of the company vomiting syndrome before it’s too late.

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