The telephone number to contact, the Social Networks to report

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The telephone number to contact, the Social Networks to report

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The social media revolution has directed a large part of customer requests to these media, as a way to request customer service. However, the traditional telephone is still the preferred means of contacting the company directly in the event of a problem.
The study published by NewVoiceMedia shows that 75% of customers consider that the phone call is the best way to get a quick response to their problem, while only 15% recognize that the mail has this capacity, and only 4 % bet on social networks. If we focus on the effectiveness of the medium, 45% continue to trust the phone call, along with 19% who keep the mail, and another 13% who trust social networks.
It is worth highlighting the fact that only 4% of those surveyed consider that social networks are a fast way to connect with brands. The agility of the online medium is not yet reflected in the performance of companies. According to the data obtained by Puro find kuwait phone numbers through an online survey of its readers during the second half of 2013, only 3 out of 10 customers received a response in less than one hour, 21% of customers received their reply more than one day after trying to contact the company and 33% waited for a reply that never came.Data published in August by SocialBakers also highlighted the deficiencies in customer service through social networks by companies, indicating that companies responded to just over half of the requests on Facebook, where the mean response time was over 13 hours.
Social networks, a place to report and unburden yourself of bad experiences


Therefore, given the ineffectiveness of the use of other more modern channels, customers have no choice but to resort to the traditional telephone. In contrast, not gulf email list all customers are willing to resign themselves to call waiting. The NewVoiceMedia report indicates that 59% of young people between the ages of 25 and 34 prefer to convey their discomfort with the company through online media, including their reactions and testimonials on social media.
These efforts by customers to make themselves heard inevitably translate into discomfort and frustration, leading them to avoid that company at all costs. The study indicates that 58% of customers who have had a bad experience with the brand will not hire its services again. In addition, 49% of these customers will warn their contacts about the consequences of resorting to this company, thus spreading the bad name of the brand.
As if this were not enough, 9 out of 10 of these aggrieved clients do not intend to sit idly by, but will carry out some type of action, which includes the use of social networks as a loudspeaker for their complaints and reports (16% ). On the other hand, 70% of those customers who did have a positive experience were more loyal recommending companies or brands among their contact networks and closest circles.
It is still hard to believe that the customer is not the center of the strategy of any company, and that they do not have the necessary means to listen to their customers and solve their problems in a timely manner. Some deficiencies that generate dissatisfaction and force customers to invest time, effort and patience in order to find a solution to their problem.

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