The value of editorial content for ecommerce SEO

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The value of editorial content for ecommerce SEO

The value of editorial content for ecommerce SEO is generally difficult to verify. And, some content and SEO specialists claim that informative content, for  cell phone directory india example, can function as an asset that will surely attract natural links from other websites. With this, it is expected that the acquired links will significantly improve the SEO performance of the entire online store.Next, you will see through an example the strategies and performance of the SEO of an ecommerce that were carried out so that it could be better classified and of course, achieve increased sales.
SEO analysis of an ecommerce
This is an example of an ecommerce opened in 2011. But its SEO strategy was only implemented in 2017 by carrying out the following activities:
Technical SEO. Make the website content (60,000 product pages and 80 category pages) trackable and indexable by search engines.
Content: rearrange all the pages that contain informative content, but also add new ones. On the other hand, insert internal contextual links with informative content to the pages of each category.
Delete informational content pages
About 25 pages of informational content were removed, and the URLs were redirected to the main page of the store. No other changes were made in the weeks before or after the informational content was removed.

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Impact on website ranking
Ten days after the content was removed, the directory rankings that previously contained gulf email list  informational content pages disappeared completely. Likewise, it happened with the general visibility of the domain that also suffered a lot. The impact was then that, the store lost almost a third of its general visibility even knowing that the content that had been removed only constituted 1% of the visibility of the domain.
For example, the home page or some category pages largely lost their ranking on page 1 for commercial intent searches, with high search volumes.

Possible reasons why the classification drop occurred
The most conclusive theory why homepage and category rankings fell right after informational content was removed relates directly to links. That is, the informational content pages had a large number of links from other domains pointing to them.
But, within its content there were also contextual links that redirected to the home page and to those of the categories, which finally transmitted the relevance of the backlinks that pointed to the content pages, to those pages that could have purposes of commercial searches.
Improve the SEO of an ecommerce by adding new content
Three weeks after putting up all the informational content pages, the website’s visibility improved and it made a full recovery. That is, all the pages returned to the top positions in the commercial intent queries.
In conclusion, the data suggests that informational content pages allow the home page and category pages to be ranked much better, for queries for commercial purposes, thus improving the SEO of an ecommerce.

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