The ways in which brands can appear in the first Google searches

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The ways in which brands can appear in the first Google searches

Google searches represent a key opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves in their mobile marketing strategies , since the idea of ​​search engine indexing on devices, since most pages in small formats are always of lower quality. According to an analysis by Markets Inside, the Namibia Mobile Number List percentage of people who use a smartphone increased, since in Europe alone, more than 70 percent of adults use them, and 27 percent of them do not have any other device, while that 21 percent of netizens consume on mobile phones and desktop computers. Namibia Mobile Number List

The suggestion for brands is that they move together with their consumers, at each stage of the conversation, which means that not only the product pages should be on mobile devices, but also the guides, frequently asked questions, blogs , among others. customer service. Format agnostic content is key, meaning it needs to be timely and thoughtful, as if brand Brother Cell Phone List designers thought mobile before designing a web page, from simple tasks like image optimization to ensuring site loads are the right way. as fast as possible. One of the best ways to gain visibility on mobile is within featured snippets, which don’t appear at the top of search results pages , but are also read aloud by virtual assistants.

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