TikTok and Reels vie to dominate the generation of micro-videos on social networks

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TikTok and Reels vie to dominate the generation of micro-videos on social networks

Immersed fully in the new normal, the popularity of micro-videos on social networks has no brake . After the acceleration during the months of lockdown, data continues to support the success of TikTok in August, which leads all rankings for downloads of apps (not games) according to uk mobile number directory SensorTower . Despite having made microvideos its hallmark, it is not the only app that seeks to exploit the potential of this format: Facebook and Google are also competing to gain a foothold in this new trend. Reels and Shoploop, Facebook and Google bets versus TikTok This summer, Facebook introduced Reels , a new feature within Instagram that mimicked TikTok’s video editing and did so around the same time as it banished Lasso’s failed experiment , its first attempt to rival the app developed by ByteDance. In addition, the jump to Facebook of a similar tool may not be so far, since in India they are already testing the inclusion of a new section in the feed dedicated to microvideos . On the other hand, and although it is testing options to integrate into YouTube , Google’s strategy does bet on an independent app: Shoploop . In this case, the objective is not to follow the inertia of TikTok, but to create a much more transactional environment based on the usefulness of micro-videos to present and test products and, in this way, direct traffic to e-commerce. At the moment, this app is available in the United States and is focused on the beauty sector.Differences (and similarities) between TikTok and Reels
Leaving aside the unique case of Shoploop (we will see how it is received in the US and if they decide to expand it to other markets), the current rivalry to dominate the global trend of microvideos is between TikTok and Reels . Let’s see the main characteristics of both:

How are microvideos created? TikTok and Reels editing options
The duration of the videos on Instagram is limited to 15 seconds, while on TikTok they can reach a minute. For now, the TikTok editor has more powerful features than Reels. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms for image and audio processing, the TikTok user finds that he can create attractive and eye-catching videos in a much more intuitive way than in Reels. For example, you can upload a group of videos to the app and let TikTok’s own algorithm work its magic to select the highlights and edit them automatically so that the audio fits perfectly with the video clips
On the other hand, although Reels offers the possibility of adding augmented reality effects , editing the transitions between images and changing the rhythm of the video, the choice of audio and its nesting in the video is more complex and less guided. An example of this is that, instead of TikTok’s audio suggestions, on Instagram you have to use its search engine to find the music clips to add and, in addition, it has a more limited library.TikTok’s microvideos reach a younger audience
Where do they appear? Distribution and viralization options
In the case of Instagram Reels, they appear published in the feed of the “Explore” section, where they are mixed with photos, promoted posts and other long-format videos. However, Instagram is doing tests to try to give more visibility to micro-videos and facilitate their viralization. The main option they are considering is to include a Reels button in the bottom bar of the app .

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Without a doubt, the distribution of the videos is a key aspect for the creation of micro-videos to take hold on Instagram ; in fact, much of the success of TikTok is due gulf email list  to the addictive nature of the app: the videos are filtered based on the interests, trends and interactions of the user and are presented in a personalized way through the “For you” section . In addition, the algorithm treats all creators equally, so videos can go viral regardless of the number of followers their authors have, an aspect that gives a lot of dynamism to the creative culture that has taken hold on TikTok . Harnessing the Power of Microvideos in Marketing From a digital marketing point of view, it is very interesting to know the idiosyncrasies of TikTok . According to a global survey conducted by GlobalWebIndex , the reasons given by TikTok users to use this app are mainly related to entertainment : watching funny videos (60%), hanging out (45%), finding new ideas or inspiration ( 28%) or use it as a vehicle for expression (28%).

From these responses, it is inferred that the social part is not as established as in the rest of social networks . On the other hand, and according to the same report, it does not stand out for the scope of social selling either: only 14% of tiktokers use it to search for or learn about new products, compared to an average of 28% of the rest of social platforms. Therefore, the power of microvideos on TikTok lies in their ability to generate engagement and visibility among users, something that is essential in the upper stages of the conversion funnel. In any case, the messages and the content of the micro-videos created by the brands must be adapted to the particularities of each social network . It is still early to detect behavior patterns with respect to Reels, but, despite the fact that it was born from the characteristics of TikTok, its adaptation to an audience that acts differently will mark the consolidation (or not) of this new functionality on Instagram.

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