TikTok for Business, the new advertising platform and knowledge hub for TikTok advertisers

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TikTok for Business, the new advertising platform and knowledge hub for TikTok advertisers

This new portal works as a knowledge hub for advertisers . In TikTok For Business they will not only be able to create, launch and measure their campaigns, but this space will also serve as an e-learning platform to delve canada mobile directory into continuously evolving advertising formats thanks to its guides to good practices, creativity and optimization .TikTok’s advertising plans
TikTok is developing its advertising platform at a fast pace under the slogan “Don’t advertise, do TikToks”:
Campaigns on TikTok can be focused on different objectives (reach, traffic, app downloads or conversions) and advertisers can choose between several types of bid (CPC, or CPC, CPM or CPV). In terms of ad formats, we briefly highlight the main onesBrand Takeovers : they can be images in GIF format with a duration of three to five seconds or images or videos of three seconds. They generally appear before a video created by other users is displayed when the app is started. These ads usually include a link to the brand’s TikTok page or, specifically, to a challenge hashtag. They achieve very high brand exposure, so they are limited to one per day per category.

In-Feed Videos : This is a standard ad format that the platform displays between video and video. They can be images or videos accompanied by the name of the brand or a small description. Its duration can be between five seconds and one minute, although the recommendation of the platform is that they be between 9 and 15 seconds.Hashtag Challenges : it is one of the most widespread formulas to build community around a brand. A specific action is proposed to users and, through their massive participation by imitating it, brands achieve a very relevant reach and even sales if they enable the Hashtag Plus option. The viralization of these hashtag challenges can be achieved with advertising and with the support of influencers.

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Branded Effects : allow brands to integrate their logos or products directly into the production gulf email list  of audiovisual content, since users can add these effects in 2D or 3D to their own videos. The design and animations are developed by the creative teams at TikTok.
Brand Scan : Newly introduced alongside TikTok For Business, these types of ads use the potential of augmented reality to create dynamic and eye-catching brand experiences in the style of Snapchat Lenses . They also incorporate purchase buttons that link to the products for sale online.
2. The Creator Marketplace program
The Creator Marketplace is not a premiere as such, but TikTok continues to develop this platform that allows brands to connect with like-minded creators . Back in March, TikTok added new analytics capabilities that established a starting point for brands seeking collaborations with influencers on the platform. This information, extracted from TikTok’s own data pool , facilitates the selection of creators based on their interests , the locations where they create content and the estimated reach and visibility of their publications .

The consolidation of TikTok as the social network of the moment
In addition to a very dynamic and developing advertising ecosystem, TikTok seeks to differentiate itself from other social networks by the characteristics of its audience , more active and inclined to interact, and by the uniqueness of the universe that it has built on the total prominence of videos as short as they are shocking . The crisis caused by the spread of the coronavirus and forced confinement in many countries triggered TikTok downloads around the world and has allowed it to expand its user base, previously highly concentrated in the youngest age groups . For example, according to data from CivicScience , in less than two months, TikTok adoption has grown by 44% among the general population in the United States. If we focus on those under 35 years of age, the penetration of this app has gone from 19% in January to 27% in March 2020. For this reason, TikTok has established itself as one of the great rivals of Snapchat and Instagram .With the launch of the TikTok For Business platform, the application takes a step forward in its monetization strategy, just when it jumped to the first position by income in April according to the ranking prepared by SensorTower . And it does not stop here: its plans for the near future include promoting live broadcasts and diversifying the type of content to include a more variety of topics, with special emphasis on educational videos and DIY .

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