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To improve our visibility in Google , SEO positioning, it is necessary to select the appropriate keywords for our business. However, it is just as important to monitor german phone book  them and compare them with the positioning of our competition for the same keywords. In this way we will know if the changes we apply to our website improve our positioning compared to our competitors and, consequently, we get a higher share of visibility and clicks.
SEO Guide: How to select the best keywords to improve the visibility of my business in Google. Download it!If you have already selected the keywords that represent those aspects of your business that you want to promote at the SEO level , it is time to analyze the competition and their positioning with the same keywords , in order to learn from them and implement the necessary changes.
Do you know how to monitor your competitors? Below we propose three SEO tools that will allow you to do so. Keep reading 😉SEMRush
Without a doubt one of the best options. The Position Tracking tool SEMRush you can see the ranking that your website ranks in the search engines for a number of keywords. In addition, you add those keywords yourself (that is why it is so important to select them beforehand).

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How to monitor your competition at the SEO levelAlso, you can add up to a total of 4 competitors,  gulf email list so it is possible to see what position they occupy in Google when competing with the same keywords.EMRush is, as you can see, a versatile SEO tool that can also help you in other aspects, such as with a general audit that identifies pages without title or meta description, images without alt attribute or pages with a low text-HTML ratio, among others.
The only downside? Its cheapest plan is $ 100 per month, although its free version allows you to discover, for example, your 10 main competitors or the 10 keywords with which your business is best positioned.

Market Samurai
A tool that is also quite well known. With Market Samurai you can keep track of the most relevant keywords of your project. Its Rank Tracker module also allows you to analyze your position and that of your competitors with these keywords (such as SEMRush).
Among its functionalities, the Keyword Research also stands out , with which you can discover interesting keywords for your business from another, or the SEO Competition module , with which you can analyze your first 10 competitors.
This tool is cheaper than SEMRush, since you only have to make a single payment of approximately $ 150.
Unlike the previous two, this tool is free. Although it has a much simpler interface, Rankerizer also allows you to monitor the evolution of your positioning in Google (and other search engines) with the keywords of your business, as well as analyze as many web pages (competitors) as you want.
However, this tool does not compare the data, nor does it specify what percentage of visits you or your competitors get. Therefore, you can only make a comparison (manual) of the positions in Google of the competitors you choose.

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