Top 15 Marketing and Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Know

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Top 15 Marketing and Advertising Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Every year the marketing and advertising trends are renewed. They are not something easy to predict because it all depends on how the consumer will change over time.Today I came across an excellent SlideShare presentation from HubSpot (Web Analytics and Digital Marketing South Korea Phone Number List and advertising trends that are all the rage.
Let’s see these marketing and advertising trends one by one and take advantage of knowing them to see how to apply them in your company.COLLABORATIVE CONTENT
Give the client the ability to contribute to content creation by delegating some of the responsibilities of brand building It is estimated that 64% of Millennials and 53% of Baby Boomers want more options to share their opinions on brands.
In the following image you can see the winner of the “Starbucks White Cup Contests” in which more than 4,000 people participated making the possible design for the company’s glasses.
Starbucks White Cup Contest Winner – mclanfranconi
Give people the possibility to create their own assets, as well as the ability to share them.There are several examples of this, from Uber allowing someone to become someone else’s driver, to Kickstarter to financially support an idea.

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The concept is very simple, someone needs something and someone else has it, so you have to see how to unite both parts.There are even brands that are adopting the concept of collaborative economy with other brands.
A clear example of the  gulf email list Comcast brand that created 3 unique properties called “Watchathon Week Airbnb Properties” and where 3 families were selected to spend an entire weekend there with a style of Game of Thrones and other series.
The third of the marketing and advertising trends of this 2015 is to use messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Kik, SnapChat and others, to build our brand image.
Why this?Text messages have fallen 18.4% since last year, however internet use has grown 52%.
We must take advantage of the way in which social messaging applications have changed the way we communicate with other people.
An example of this is the online food ordering brand, GrubHub.com, which used SnapChat to communicate a story with its customers to publicize a new service.
Grubhub using snapchat DATA VISUALIZATION
The saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words.Data is really powerful if we can interpret and understand what it is trying to tell us. That is why data visualization is a powerful way to communicate information.
Here is an example of data visualization, showing nuclear explosions generated in the world since 1945.
nuclear explosions
For many agencies, traditional print ads are crucial to their business.
Brands have found new ways to bridge the physical and digital through interactive print ads.
For example, the brand Sonera (mobile phone company) made a print ad that allowed us to play with a friend in a speed tesAnother great example is that of the Eneco company, which, thanks to interactive content, managed to generate more than 1,000 Leads in just 6 weeks ( See Eneco case ). This strategy sought to offer a home charging system for electric cars.CINEMAGRAPHS
Although they do not have a direct Spanish translation, cinemagraphs are like animated gifs but much better.

They are images that mix the quality of photographs with video and where a few elements move while the rest is staticMAGICAL REALISMThe animation over the video. A clear example of this is Magic Leap.HAND ILLUSTRATIONS
In an ever-changing world, minimalism is catching on and hand-drawn drawings are becoming part of new projects.
handmade website design – mclanfranconi
In 2014 there were a lot of high quality images, but this is no longer limited to just static images. Thanks to improvements in internet speeds and HTML5, websites now allow video integration without increasing loading times.
To see an example of this, just visit the website of “The Q Camera”
the q camera video – mclanfranconi
Associate the brand with extreme athletes and people who take great risks.
A brand that is full of energy, excitement and with the idea that anything is possible.
The clear example of this is Red Bull and its “Stratos Jump” that achieved more than 900,000 interactions on Facebook, 83,000 shares and a sales increase of 7% equivalent to 1.6 billion dollars.

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