Trends that are marking the great changes in the contact center sector

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Trends that are marking the great changes in the contact center sector

In recent times there has been a rapid and profound evolution in the field of customer service and, especially, in the sector of outsourcing services through contact centers, which has led to the incorporation of new channels and tools, the development of new services and the application of new methodologies and renewed work philosophies.This is a process of continuous change that will continue strongly in this new year. Sitel , the world’s leading company in customer relationship management services, has identified some of the main trends that are already on the horizon for 2014.Problem solving through social mediaIncorporating social media into customer service is lebanon phone number  now a reality. It is a trend that corresponds to the evolution of consumer habits and requirements. In fact, 80% of users in Spain already use social networks in Spain and more than 80% of the phones purchased by Spaniards between 15-34 years were smartphones, according to the IV Annual Study of Social Networks carried out by IAB Spain.
On the other hand, and as a Sitel survey reveals, more than 23% of consumers between 18-32 years of age prefer social networks to learn more about a product or service, instead of other more traditional channels such as email. email or phone. Consequently, those companies that want to remain competitive in the contact center sector in 2014 must participate in solving customer inquiries through social channels.
The convergence of mobile telephony and CRM
CRM and the mobile revolution are rapidly converging, and contact centers are an ally and a key piece of this convergence. It is expected that in the next two years the figure of one billion smartphone-owning consumers will be reached. The increase in the use of this mobile device raises the need for a flexible, dynamic and powerful CRM that allows the development of customer service services that can easily go from an automatic response system to a call or chat.


Initially, when many companies decided to outsource their customer service through a contact center, they did so simply as one more formula to reduce direct costs and adjust to the demand in terms of the volume of calls gulf email list and requests for support and information. This idea is progressively changing and companies are beginning to realize that the customer experience is a primary differentiator between their organization and competing brands. Therefore, 2014 will be a year in which companies will become aware that investing in the improvement of the customer service offer can be key to stand out in a market like the current one, which is increasingly competitive.
Increasing demand for a continuous omni-channel experience
Gone is the idea of ​​the telephone or email as the only points of attention to the user. The new reality establishes the need to integrate the more traditional channels (telephone, email, letter, …) with the new 2.0 channels (social networks, interactive chats, video tutorials or webinars, …) to improve the experience of the customers, and consequently the business results.
The professionalization of agents
The contact center sector is emerging as a market in which to develop a long-term professional career. The companies in the sector are looking for profiles with experience, knowledge, training, communication skills, sales skills, among other aspects. Likewise, they are also making a greater effort to retain talent and reduce staff turnover levels. All this with the aim of contributing to a better service and offering a differential customer service experience.


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