TrueView for Action: the keys to integrating YouTube into the user’s buyer’s journey

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TrueView for Action: the keys to integrating YouTube into the user’s buyer’s journey

Throughout the different touchpoints of the customer journey map , users consume a wide variety of online content that determines their final purchase decision. Blog posts, infographics, reviews, influencer posts on social networks, comments… and videos ; above all, many videos. This is demonstrated by the study Emotional Bond of Latin Americans with YouTube , prepared by Ipsos for Google , which indicates that 90% of Internet users use YouTube to discover brands and products; and that a not inconsiderable 40% end up acquiring the news that they have known through this platform.YouTube helps brands to stay one step ahead of users in terms of resolving their doubts and satisfying their needs during the different phases of the buyer’s journey. It is a very important video china mobile china mobile number how many digit how many digit channel for the TOFU phase , but also the ideal instrument to capture conversions thanks to a very effective ad format: TrueView for Action .What are TrueView for Action campaigns on YouTube?
TrueView for Action is an in-stream video ad format that can be displayed on YouTube and Google video partner websites. Plays before ( pre-roll ), during ( mid-roll ), or after ( post-roll ) the content the user is viewing, giving the user the opportunity to skip it after five seconds.

The objective of TrueView for Action campaigns , according to Google, is to get a reaction from the user ; either in the form of a visit to the advertiser’s website, or by filling in a form.For a TrueView for Action ad on YouTube, it is recommended to choose short videos, around 30 seconds, that are able to convey the essence of the message during the first fivePATRICIA LOZANO , AUDIO, VIDEO & CONNECTED TV SENIOR CONSULTANT AT LABELIUM SPAINHow does the TrueView for Action format work?
TrueView for Action campaigns on YouTube can be configured based on two goals: website traffic or leads . Regarding the bidding strategy, the options go through maximizing conversions or sticking to a target CPA . Depending on which one is chosen, Google will select, through machine learning and with an eye on achieving one or another result, to whom and when to show these advertising videos.Viewing TrueView for Action Ads on Different Devices
What advantages does TrueView for Action bring to digital strategy?
TrueView for Action is one of the most effective advertising formats on YouTube.TrueView for Action is essential within a video marketing strategy aimed at the lower funnel phases. These are very relevant ads, not very intrusive but, at the same time, eye-catching: they give the user the small stimulus they need to request more information or seriously consider buying a product or service, since we approach it when it is within audiences that we know are closer to making a decision.

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TrueView for Action advertising exceeds the average conversion rates of other actions. As can be seen in this Sephora success story in collaboration with  gulf email list  Labelium , product sales increased by 7.5%, and beauty services by 16%, after launching an ad campaign on YouTube. which included the TrueView for Action format.It also provides excellent results in terms of brand awareness metrics . In a study developed by Ipsos for Google , the participants, divided into two groups, were subjected to a viewing test of two different sets of audiovisual content. The first group consumed only conventional television pieces, while the second combined traditional TV with TrueView advertisements. The brand awareness reported by respondents who saw a mix of television and TrueView was 38% higher than that of those who were exposed only to the TV. The brand recall was also better (+ 31%) and the inclination to recommend the product or service to other users (+ 71%).One of the great strengths of TrueView for Action is the flexibility in terms of campaign optimization, supported by powerful tools such as Brand Lift , which allows measuring the real effectiveness of an active campaign by collecting direct feedback from the users themselves and crossing it with their search behavior on Google and YouTube.

With Brand Lift it is possible to monitor the evolution of brand awareness , interest and perception of the brand, the memory of the ad or the purchase intention after viewing. What’s more, the most up-to-date version of this tool, Brand Lift Study 2.0 , provides real-time results, allowing you to optimize campaigns on the fly based on the data obtainedAudience targeting for TrueView for Action format
The cornerstone of a successful TrueView for Action campaign is proper audience targeting .TrueView for Action allows you to impact audiences at key moments in your life such as a move
The audiences that best respond to this video ad format are custom audiences of two types: Custom Affinity and Custom Intent . In the first case, users are selected based on whether they express interests related to the brand or product; in the second, the purchase intention is taken into account according to the keywords they use in their searches on Google and YouTube.These personalized audiences allow us to go to a very specific niche and therefore potentially interested in our brand, which is why TrueView for Action campaigns work especially well when targeting them.In a complementary way, within TrueView for Action it is also possible to work with other types of audiences. If branding objectives are pursued , it is interesting to bet on affinity audiences and audiences based on vital events . Meanwhile, to maximize conversions and reduce CPA, select in-market audiences ; and remarketing with users who have previously interacted with the brand and with similar user lists.This extreme precision in defining audiences means that TrueView for Action campaigns provide very positive metrics in terms of the rate and total volume of conversions.In short, TrueView for Action has proven to be a crucial piece in an online marketing strategy, especially in the BOFU phase , due to its great power to move and persuade the user towards action.

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