Turning consumer uncertainty into opportunity: the challenge of the retail sector

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Turning consumer uncertainty into opportunity: the challenge of the retail sector

With the de-escalation underway and consumer habits altered by the long period of confinement, one of the most repeated words in the retail environment is uncertainty . There are many doubts generated by the current situation, in which losses accumulate. As an example, US retail suffered a 16.4% drop in sales last April while, on the other side of the Atlantic, UK retail plunged 18.1% that same month. Given the gradual opening of physical stores and the relief of confinement, how will consumers react in the new normal? What features stand out in their new attitudes towards purchases? In our article, we look at how digital list of canadian mobile phone companies needs to adapt to support the recovery in the retail sector.What do consumers look for in times of uncertainty?It is obvious that one of the greatest concerns of clients is to maintain a sense of control and security, which at the same time rivals the desire to return to normality. Therefore, users are learning more online than ever in order to know all the security procedures and the measures taken before making the decision to visit a store. Hence, the creation of content adapted to the situation and its constant updating is being crucial to enhance organic positioning in times of uncertainty The complex economic situation has pushed users to a practicality in their purchases that, in many cases, translates into a back to basics . Not surprisingly, according to a Bazaarvoice survey , in the United Kingdom 64% of the participants stated that they had lost their job (22%), were waiting for an imminent adjustment (8%) or had suffered a reduction in working hours (34%). In the new normal, it will be difficult to replicate the shopping experience of the pre-COVID-19 era , so solutions that focus on comfort will be key in this regard. As an example, the reopening of stores generates long waiting lines in many places … and yet, the limited capacity means that, when entering the interior, there is no feeling of crowding.

On the other hand, the imbalances generated in the supply have caused consumers to be very open to trying new brands and experiences . According to an investigation carried out by the MIT Sloan Management Review in the United States, 76% of those surveyed have bought for the first time in e-commerce that they did not know before the confinement and, in addition, 32% of users admit to being willing to innovate and acquire new brand productsThe uncertainty of the consumer has made it more practical and comfortable before the physical purchaseHow should brands respond in retail?Digital marketing plays a crucial role in the recovery strategy in the retail sector. The availability of online data facilitates the preparation of a decisive response based on four fundamental pillars:Think less about products and more about solutions : During lockdown, many brands have focused their strategy seeking to stand out from the competition. However, in volatile situations there are no perfect products, but solutions tailored to what the customer needs. For example, a tactic that follows this maxim is to adjust the copywriting of the web to emphasize those aspects that respond to the user’s search intention and add them even ahead of the brand itself.Research trends and consumer insights : studying the evolution of searches in real time helps to anticipate and adapt the business strategy. For example, Google has created the Rising Retail Categories portal that allows you to investigate changes in the online demand for products. On the other hand, Microsoft is also publishing resources that can shed some more light on user behavior. In any case, it is not convenient to leave out of the equation the exhaustive monitoring of data from the brand’s own ecosystem, as we mentioned in our article on the post-covid-19 strategy .

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Strengthen loyalty programs : as has been seen during the coronavirus crisis , the line that separates the habit from loyalty is very fine. With the physical  gulf email list  shopping experience restricted by security requirements, loyalty programs are key to reinforcing sales in offline and online retail, as they form a perfect communication platform to stay in contact with customers, inform about offers and news and, therefore, cultivate the relationship with the brand in a personalized way .
Analyze customer feedback : With the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, many retailers have seen their supply chains go through a disruption that has overwhelmed their online sales channel. After the initial impact, it is time to analyze the failures that have occurred and try to make up lost ground with the users. In this sense, omnichannel will be a great ally to alleviate the logistical effort linked to e-commerce and will serve to reinvent and value the network of physical establishments in the new normal.
In the face of consumer uncertainty, innovation and adaptability are the best weapons retailers have. Digital marketing provides the necessary tools to design and communicate new value offers to, in this way, weave a safety net that accompanies customers in a different present and in an uncertain future.

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