Twitch Ads: the advertising possibilities of the platform of the moment

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Twitch Ads: the advertising possibilities of the platform of the moment

After the wear and tear produced by the COVID-19 pandemic, the end of 2020 has been one of the most anticipated in recent times . It was time to review the myriad changes that have arisen in the digital society and face the new how do i find a mobile phone number uk strategy for 2021 with them very much in mind. In this context, the audience success of the bells with Ibai Llanos through Twitch has been a blow to the table of those who still doubted live-streaming as a phenomenon established among the audience.And, if we talk about live-streaming, it is essential to analyze the role of Twitch as an essential part of a trend that we have been observing on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.
The Twitch user: young and gamer
2020 has confirmed the definitive consolidation of Twitch as the dominant live-streaming platform . Coinciding with the harshest confinement period in Europe and the United States, in April of last year Twitch gained 52% more users compared to the previous month, according to data from TwitchTracker . In addition, the usual decrease in activity in the summer months has not slowed the growth rate in users, active channels and content consumption, as can be seen in the following graph:

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Live broadcasts of gamers playing video games constitute the core of the platform , although there gulf email list  is an increasing variety of content such as music shows, eSports competitions and even direct ones about day-to-day life, social gatherings or those related to travel and food. something that is fully connected with the live-streaming e-commerce that we already talked about .
On a demographic level, according to GlobalWebIndex data , 65% of users are men, while 35% are women. The vast majority belong to Generation Z (41%) or are Millennials (32%) , so the predominant age range is up to 34 years old.The social factor is key : while playing, streamers continuously interact with their audience through live chats. In addition, many users are looking to share their gaming experience and cooperate with their tribe , which explains the enormous popularity of many of the events that are organized on Twitch, including Advertising with Twitch Ads: Key Formats and Strategies
The sense of belonging marks the experience of users on Twitch and modulates their behavior regarding consumption. For example, if we take the data from GlobalWebIndex, almost half buy products because they belong to the community that has been built around it . On the other hand, they consider that the greatest contribution that brands can make to their life is to promote connection with other like-minded users . That said, brands can use a variety of tools and tactics to successfully reach this audience:Sponsorships and collaborations with events and ‘streamers’
It’s hands down the most exploited area on Twitch so far. The sponsorships mainly revolve around eSports competitions and streamers that have a significant fan community , but brands can also launch their own branded content proposal based on these figures. For example, this is what Pizza Hut has done with its Friday Night Bites program in the United States .The objective of brands with this type of event is to mainly reach a group of users with whom it is difficult to connect through traditional media: men up to 35 years of age. In addition, he is a very loyal user to the brands that he really likes.

Twitch ads: video and display ads
Twitch also offers the possibility of placing ads with a system similar to that offered by other digital platforms . Therefore, Twitch Ads are linked to the interests of the audience with the advantage that, in addition, Amazon and Twitch accounts are connected, so Amazon can also use this data to fine-tune the advertising and products it shows. to each user based on the content they consume.
The main formats of Twitch Ads are:
Video ads : there are different options such as Cross Screen Video , which allow the ad to be integrated into live broadcasts on any device with pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll options. There are also formats exclusively adapted to mobile or desktop video and the SureStream Ads option , designed to get around ad blockers .
Display ads: These ads can display banners or videos and can be placed in different locations on the platform, such as in the game or channel directory. They can also be configured as carousels.
Source: Twitch Ad Formats
Source: TwitchLive-streaming, a trend already established in the digital world
Throughout 2020, we have witnessed user preference for digital audiovisual content . Both long videos and microvideos and live broadcasts have gained followers across all platforms. However, in each of them we can find a type of audience with different characteristics and customs .
The enormous engagement shown by users is one of the main strengths of Twitch, although the decision to advertise on it will depend on the target audience of the brand. If you want us to help you define your advertising strategy on Twitch , you just have to contact us here .

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