Twitter updates its app to offer better searches and television trends

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Twitter updates its app to offer better searches and television trends

Twitter has once again updated its application and made some changes to the searches and the trends page in what does not seem like a simple experiment that you will regret after a few weeks, as has happened recently with the reception of direct messages by any user.
The first novelty in the service update is the improvement of the search function to refine the results a little more and help users find exactly what they were looking  nigeria phone numbers list for. By entering a word, in addition to being able to select only the most relevant tweets, you can further narrow the results by selecting only those with photos, videos, new stories or finding people associated with that keyword. The application can sort the results as a mosaic or in a simple list of photos and can be filtered so that it only shows the tweets of the people that the user follows.
On the other hand, it has updated its important trending page. Twitter wants to make it easier to find certain events and hot news to add something more value to the navigation through this application tool that until now was practically a way to kill time.

Now, it offers a list of hashtags and most popular words with the most relevant tweets associated with them. In addition, the pad or “Discover” tab hides another gulf email list surprise: the trends page on television. This is a selection of tweets from the most talked about television programs. Each one has its own section headed with the photo, the chapter title, the broadcast date and the chain, as if it were a real television guide.This latest development does not seem to be available yet for all devices or in all countries. At the moment, only users in the United States have this function enabled. It is curious that Twitter does not offer too many explanations about it or has made large announcements of this important addition to the service, despite its well-known efforts to bring positions closer and strengthen ties with the large television networks and their audiences. Earlier this fall, it already launched an index to measure the social audience of television shows to woo advertisers and show itself as a more attractive advertising channel than Facebook.

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