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Once we click “save and continue” we must configure the conversion according to our needs, the parameters that we must choose areConversion value : here we can choose between 3 options:
Put the same value on each india phone number database conversion: we can define that each lead that comes to us, for us, has a value of € 10.Variable conversion value (action): we will use this option in e-commerce to have the sales value, what this option does is give each conversion the value that each sale has generated, that is, if a sale is € 100 this will be the value of the conversion and if another sale is € 50 this will be the value of this other conversion. To do this, an e-commere tracking must be installed, see how to do it here .
Do not assign any value .Count: you must choose between 2 options:
All conversions : if you assign this option, what will happen is that if a user makes 2 conversions throughAdwords, 2 will be registered.Unique conversions : in this case, one conversion per user will be recorded even if it performs 2, this is useful when we talk about forms, sometimes users send more than one form and it is likely that tracking the forms is defining the number of potential customers and in this case we are interested in saving only one conversion per user.

India-Phone-Number-List (1)

Conversion window ; In this section we must choose the period in which we want Adwords to register the conversion, in the period after the click on the ad, we can choose from 1 week to 90 days, according to our needs.Characteristic conversionsCONVERSION APPLICATION FOR MOBILE OR TABLETS
In this conversion we can find 2 conversion categories, a download of the application or any other action in the application (a sale, a registration, a subscription, etc.).Conversion applications
To configure this application, the first thing we must determine is whether the monitoring will be carried out on the Android or iOS platform.
If we choose Android, all the time we need to choose the conversion category:
Download : if we choose this option we must put the value of each download or none but above all we must put the name of the package (It is the part of the base URL that identifies your application)
conversion application download android

Any of the other actions ; in this case the configuration will simply consist of deciding the value of the conversion with the same parameters as the normal conversion.
conversion application other androidIf we choose iOS we have it a bit more complicated since currently it can only track the downloads of applications for iOS that have been made from advertisements of other applications on the Display Network. The way in which we will configure in this situation will be to choose the category of the conversion between download or the other actions and give a value or none to the conversion.ios application conversion
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In our Adwords ads we can put call extensions with our phone number so that the user can call us immediately. This conversion records the number of calls we receive in our company, but it has the problem that it can only record calls made from a mobile phone, not from a landline.
To configure this conversion, first of all we have to be sure that we have the call extensions created in each campaign. Remember in the advanced options to check Count calls as phone call conversions.call extensionRegarding the configuration, it is exactly the same as the rest of the conversions, putting the conversion value, ..

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Every day more users use the mobile to search for companies, buy, … so the conversion into the call extension was a step forward for Adwords but it limited the user to click on the extension to make a call, but on many occasions the client enters the web to see the services, .. and then calls directly on the phone found on the web or entered from a computer and calls from the landline, this means that until recently it was not possible to track these calls . But since this September Google has created this conversion to be able to track calls that are made directly using the web phone.
What Google does with this conversion is that thanks to a code and JavaScript that are installed on the web, the phone is modified by a Google number only for visits that come from Adwords, in this way when a user calls this number , Adwords can be assigned, but what is negative is that at the moment it is assigned to Adwords but not to campaigns, keywords, ads, …
To configure it you have to do the same as with the conversion by call extension, with the difference that apart from the code you will have to install the JavaScript.

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