Video marketing and Black Friday: how to align audiences, formats and platforms with the buyer’s journey

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Video marketing and Black Friday: how to align audiences, formats and platforms with the buyer’s journey

The rapid evolution of online consumer habits has diversified the landscape of advertising platforms that are taking advantage of the popularity of audiovisual content . The countdown to Black Friday 2020 has already begun and, with mobilephonenumber com uk the budgets on the table, it is convenient to assess the possibilities offered by digital video at the advertising level.The digital video ecosystem and the buyer’s journey: possibilities for Black Friday
According to information cited by Google , the current buyer’s journey is made up of an average of 140 interactions that have a decisive influence on what the user buys and from whom . How to use audiovisual formats to have a presence in this process in the major promotional events of the quarter? The solution revolves around three factors: aligning audiences, creatives, and platforms .In this way, in a first phase, it is essential to attract new audiences through tactics such as prospecting , which help to generate awareness around the brand and the product offer through a refined segmentation by interests. Gaining reach is crucial here, so creatives must be focused on creating expectation and engagement with the brand . At this point, both YouTube and the Connected TV ad universe are very effective, as are networks like TikTok or Snapchat when targeting a younger audience and Instagram and Facebook for a broader range of profiles.

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As Cyber ​​Week approaches, the next steps will focus on promoting the product offering on Black Friday. Thanks to advanced segmentation options and retargeting (directing advertising to an audience that has already interacted with the brand or is even already a customer),  gulf email list  the user will be encouraged in their buyer’s journey to include the product or brand within their purchase plans and end up opting for it. Facebook and Instagram are a favorite terrain for social commerce and, of course, YouTube stands out with some of its advertising formats that we will talk about below.The power of video ad platforms on Black Friday
The audiovisual content produces lasting impact on the audience , so this is a key format to highlight amid the intense promotional activity in the last quarter of the year. We review the strengths of each platform:Advertising on Connected Television or Connected TV
As we saw in our article on Connected Television , this new channel is perfect for creating brand recognition with video campaigns aimed at a selected audience based on sociodemographic criteria and content consumption patterns . By operating with a programmatic advertising model , Addressable TV platforms are increasingly allowing the integration of a greater number of data-sets to improve the segmentation possibilities they offerVideo Ads on Snapchat and TikTok Social networks such as Snapchat and TikTok have established their influence on the creation and viralization of microvideos and UGC (User Generated Content) . Therefore, they form a very powerful loudspeaker to reach the youngest audiences in an environment that predisposes them to interact with the content. The creativity of the ads is crucial here, since they are platforms that are characterized by the dynamism of their users. Within the media strategy for Black Friday, they can be used to publicize the products in an eye-catching way and thus increase brand awareness .

Video ads on Facebook and Instagram
They are the leading social networks in the world and, therefore, their advertising ecosystem has a great maturity . This allows advertisers to adjust campaigns based on the phase of the funnel they are targeting and combine actions with outreach objectives and others focused on pure conversion.
Video ads can appear on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram, where audiovisual content is experiencing a heyday driven by trends such as live broadcasts (and even live-streaming e-commerce ) and micro-videos , especially with the new Reels functionality on Instagram . Therefore, due to their universality and effectiveness, campaigns on Facebook and Instagram are essential for Black Friday 2020.
Users interact more with ads that have audiovisual content
YouTube advertising Backed by advanced Google technology, YouTube’s targeting power is extraordinary, and it is undoubtedly a very powerful tool for Black Friday. With formats like Trueview for Action , YouTube allows brands to get direct traffic to e-commerce or generate leads by including CTAs in ads.
For example, thanks to Custom Intent Audiences , it is possible to develop a lower-funnel strategy and direct campaigns to users who are close to a purchase decision. How does Google detect it? Crossing the search data it has and screening those users who are looking for keywords that denote a clear purchase intention.
Digital video consumption continues to boom Now that most countries have fully entered the new normal, the consulting firm Nielsen has found that the consumption of AVOD (Ad-supported video-on-demand) content continues to exceed the levels it was at before the SARS pandemic -CoV-2 . This trend is framed within a more global one featuring the use of social networks and digital media.

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