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Discover Visual Search and its advantages in digital marketing. The reality within the world of digital germany phone number how many digits is very clear. A professional, cared for image that transmits confidence to the potential client is essential. Otherwise, the desired target audience would surely not be reached and they will not achieve the results that we have set for ourselves.To all this, how can it be otherwise, we must add a very important factor. Adapting to the new times. Knowing how to be in the right place and knowing how to analyze trends in order to be immersed in them.Some trends among which those that have to do with images stand out. As they say, an image is worth a thousand words and that is why the main search engines on the planet are giving it, today, the importance it has. And they know that only in this way can they have a greater impact among users.VISUAL SEARCH. A NEW REALITY WITHIN DIGITAL MARKETING
In essence we can say that Visual Search is a process that aims to find a certain content from an image.
It goes without saying that the intention of this process is none other than to offer content that has the greatest number of elements in common with the image that has been provided. A process that, incidentally, is not entirely new. Facebook, for example, also uses it to identify the faces of users who participate in the social network.

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Within Visual Search, very specific types of search have been established that are worth knowing before delving further.Visual search by keywords. In this case we have that the search engine offers us a series of images from a certain search that we carry out in text mode. gulf email list Reverse search. This system allows us to upload an image to the search engine and provide other images related to it.
Detailed search. Without a doubt, this is the most complete search that we can find within Visual Search. Here the system will identify, in detail, the elements of the image. In this way you can offer much better results and focused on conversions.
The use of this system has advantages that are worth highlighting from every point of view.
This is one of the main advantages that Visual Search has. And it is capable of offering endless results in a very short time so the purchase process is shorter.

A more complete user experience
This is more than obvious. Finding a product from a certain text, in many cases, can become a very cumbersome task. However, by providing an image, the search engine can target its results in a much more specific way so that the user will find what they are looking for in a much shorter time.For this there is nothing better than seeing an example. In the last semester, Pinterest has seen its audience increase by 140% thanks to these types of searches. An extraordinary way to start designing a digital marketing strategy since the potential audience is known to be huge.
Vital to achieve the goals set. Visual Search will not only provide what you are looking for but other results that are closely related. This will not only buy what you are looking for but also other services or products.
By facilitating the purchasing process, conversions are more numerous and easier. And of course, it is already known that a conversion is synonymous with direct benefits.AND WHAT ABOUT SEO?
To tell the truth, it has a direct influence. So much so that all those projects, brands or companies that have digital marketing as one of their basic pillars have to adapt their strategy to this new reality.

An adaptation that must be carried out in a progressive way investing the human, technological and economic resources necessary to take advantage of all the benefits that we have seen along these lines.

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