Walking Dead tips for entrepreneurs

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Walking Dead tips for entrepreneurs

What do the living dead have to do with the world of entrepreneurs?
More than you can imagine.
So if you are a fan or have seen the Walking Dead series, you will understand the importance of these tips for entrepreneurs.
If you did not see the series, I warn you that you may find yourself with some spoilers about Walking Dead so I recommend reading this article knowing that you can find out some things.
Let’s start with the Walking Dead tips for entrepreneursLet’s go with the first of the Walking Dead tips for entrepreneursIf there’s one Walking Dead character who really wears the leader pants, it’s Officer Rick Grimes.You only Qatar Phone Number List  have to watch the series to see the amount of stress, tension and important decision-making situations that this character has to do.When it comes to entrepreneurship, exactly the same thing will happen to you. And you must learn to be a great leader. The experience will be more similar if you have behind you, like Rick Grimes, a series of people (or workers) who expect you to give your best.



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In several chapters the characters are  gulf email list seen in the constant search for resources to survive.And it is that in the middle  of a zombie apocalypse, companies have stopped producing products and there is no other option than to go out and find them by their own means
Can you imagine having to spend months locked up in a jail so that the zombies do not eat you and even without food?For this reason, we can see the importance of negotiation that Rick Grimes makes with the prisoners who were in the jail they found and believed to be empty. They had resources they needed.A good entrepreneur must know how to find resources , fight for them and sacrifice in order to keep your company alive.THE IMPORTANCE OF KNOWING HOW TO NEGOTIATE
Throughout the entire Walking Dead series we see scenes where negotiation is more important than force.Such is the case that I commented in the previous point about how they had to negotiate with the prisoners who were in jail for some groceries. All this in exchange for offering them a pavilion since previously those prisoners were locked up. good entrepreneur must then learn the importance of knowing how to negotiate over other things. What’s more, you must learn to negotiate rather than use your brute force!Recommended reading: 10 tips to negotiate + fun examples
Beyond looking for food, weapons or even medicines in Walking Dead we also see the importance of knowing how to take care of resources.Characters cannot indulge in feasting on food because they don’t really know when they are going to need it.

This is one of the reasons why prison was an ideal place at the time, since its patio suddenly became a kind of farm where to grow foodstuffs and even animals. What’s more, in several chapters Rick Grimes and his son (Carl) are seen taking care of this mini-farm.
The true entrepreneur will understand that entrepreneurship is not about spending money left and right or wasting resources, because they do not know when they will really be necessary.
There are many Walking Dead characters who seem good at first, and then the evil inside them is discovered.There are also characters that seem a bit bad, but then they become part of the survivor team.
For example, everyone will have thought that when Michonne first appears with her samurai sword and two pet zombies, nothing good could happen to Andrea who was escaping after the zombie slaughter on the farm. However, this character begins to integrate so much with the group that many ended up becoming fond of him.

A good entrepreneur must learn to analyze people, because along his path he will find all kinds of possibilities. From workers who seem to be the best of the best and then let you down, to people who don’t give us much confidence and end up becoming great allies.
So to be a good entrepreneur, analyze, study and learn to read people.
As the Walking Dead seasons progress, the characters begin to assume roles that characterize them.
For example, Glenn Rhee is usually part of the team that usually seeks resources for the other survivors. Then we have Daryl who is a kind of hunter, a specialist in searching for traces or finding certain places. There is also Carol who comes to a time when in prison she becomes a kind of teacher who prepares the children to be able to face that zombie world in which they will have to live.
When it comes to entrepreneurship, it is key that beyond having a team that helps entrepreneurship, the roles of different people are clearly understood. Otherwise, problems will come and even the venture could stagnate at times.The secret is to study people and recognize what roles they can best assume.

Every time a new person meets the group of Walking Dead survivors, the team asks three key questions to see if that person will be accepted among them or not.How many walkers did you kill?
How many people did you kill?
Why?Beyond explaining why these questions, it is clear that this rule helps the team make the best possible decision. And that is what the rules are for, to respect them and thus have things in control.
A good entrepreneur must learn to set rules not only for himself, but also for others and for his own entrepreneurship.Starting to establish rules when starting a business will serve to control it as it grows and thus prevent some things from escaping our sight.THE IMPORTANCE OF BEING COLD
Surely you will remember the chapter in which Rick tells Carol that she must leave the group because she killed Karen (Tyrese’s girlfriend) after learning that she was about to die and become a walker. A situation not only tense, but also emotional.A good entrepreneur must learn to be cold and think about the good of the venture and the people who are in it. Many times you start with family and friends and things do not turn out as you expect, so this advice is aimed at them.

Unfortunate entrepreneurship is about doing business based on something that interests us, more than making friends and strengthening ties.
I’m sure many were astonished when Eugene confessed that he was not really part of any group of scientists and that there really was no cure.
A lie he told in order to survive when he was chased by a zombie.
At that moment all the characters are really frozen, unable to believe what happened. Especially Abraham Ford who hits him with a punch that leaves him looking at the starHowever, the series does not end there and the characters decide to continue surviving.And that’s what entrepreneurship is about. To overcome even the worst situations and get ahead.A good entrepreneur can go up and down along the way, but he can’t let demotivation get the better of him and throw everything away.
In the last season of Walkind Dead, it is possible to see how the survivors cannot endure a quiet, safe life without the stress of living surrounded by zombies. They even make up or look for excuses to create chaos in the makeshift city they are safe in.
It is for this reason that every so often, they need to go out to be able to raise their adrenaline again and feel free.And it is that undertaking is exactly the same.
The true entrepreneur feels it in his blood and cannot live without that adrenaline. He needs stress, uncertainty and even problems, because they are the engine that keep him alive.

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