We tell you how to make a marketing plan for your company in 6 steps

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We tell you how to make a marketing plan for your company in 6 steps

If you want to implement a marketing plan for your company but you have no idea how to do it … Here we explain how to make a marketing plan, briefly, quickly and very easily:
1) Establish your objectives: define as clearly as possible what are the goals you hope to achieve (attract new customers, retain your old audience, enter new markets, etc.) and the way you hope to achieve it, so you will know how where you are going and what tools do you have to get there.
2) Define your strengths and weaknesses: take into account the factors that will affect the plans you plan to implement:
Employees: how many people do you have and what is their level of training to face the professional challenge they will soon face.
Consumers: what is the market you currently work on and which do you feel you should try to attract / win.
Tools: study the results of your previous attempts to add new clients and what the results were, so you will avoid repeating mistakes from the past.
3) Be picky about what you want: every Bolivia Phone Number List plan has two main purposes, one quantitative and the other qualitative: the quantitative one refers to issues such as adding new customers or recovering old ones; the qualitative one refers to issues such as achieving a greater implantation of your company, increasing its influence in the market in which it competes, etc.
When establishing these two objectives, always keep in mind three fundamental points:
Let them be logical: if you are just starting to sell shoes, you cannot hope to outperform Nike.
That they are achievable: your employees will never accept proposals that go beyond what is rational.

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Pragmatic: they must adapt to the logical changes that happen in the market in which you move.
4) Build your strategy: for a strategy to work it must respect three key points:
Know what kind of consumer  Gulf Email List you want to seduce (each client has their own motivations: a 15-year-old full of hormones is not the same as a man about to retire with a family in charge).
Define the amount of money to be invested (to avoid a deficit that can be fatal for the company).
Choose an executive who will be in charge of enforcing the plan from beginning to end (he will check that each point is really applied as designed and must present results in a previously defined time: two, three, six months).
5) Determine the actions to follow: after defining the strategy it is time to implement it and this is achieved through a series of actions that depend on each company because the options are really many:
Email Marketing: scheduled sending of emails to arouse customer curiosity and attract them to your offers and launches.
Promotions: monthly discounts for those who exceed a certain purchase level, prize draws among frequent buyers, etc.
Social networks: through a minimal investment in Instagram, Twitter or Facebook it is possible to immediately reach literally millions of people.
6) Determine a quality control: you must have a mechanism that allows you to find, as soon as it happens, any flaw in your marketing plan to immediately resolve any error before it becomes serious.

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