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If you are present on the Internet and have a website, this post can help you lay the foundations to achieve better results through your website and improve your what is a china phone number web conversion.The first thing you should know is what your objective is. What do you want to achieve with your website? If you are a company or a freelancer, your objective is clear: to earn money through your activity. This is clear to us. But to achieve this, depending on the type of activity you have, the sale will be achieved in different ways. What we are clear about is that the web should be an element that helps you achieve these sales.
WHAT IS THE WEB CONVERSION GOAL?ou must mark what you want your user to do once he enters the web. This is what the conversion goal will set us . Therefore, depending on your activity and what you want your user to do on your website, the conversion objective may be one or the other and we could even have more than one conversion object.But what if there are other companies that sell a product the same or very similar to yours? Then price comes into play. On the internet, price plays a very important role. Normally the user, if he must buy a product, will buy it at the best price. If your website offers products or services without indicating the price, then this variable would not apply to improve the conversion.

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Sometimes, even with the best price, the sale is taken by another website. One of the reasons this happens is because your competition has a better brand  gulf email list positioning. A powerful brand generates trust in the user. It would be likely that if the product you sell is also sold by Amazon, the user prefers to pay a little more but buy from Amazon, as it generates more trust and credibility.
If you do not market an exclusive project or service, if you do not have the best price, you have no choice but to make efforts to improve your brand image.
In summary:

Here are the most common conversion goals:
Get direct sales , this type of conversion objective will be applied in an e-commerce, where you can get the sale directly from the web.
Get commercial leads : If your activity does not require an e-commerce, for example if you sell services, what interests you is that a user interested in your activity contacts you, either through a form, a call, chat, etc. ,How to improve the conversion of your website?Whatever the conversion objective you have set, there are 4 elements that directly affect the conversion capacity of your website and that, therefore, if you want to improve the results of your website, you should check and check if there is margin of improvement in those points that we will comment on below:This is the first element that affects the conversion improvement. If you have defined a target audience, that is, who is your potential client and you cannot get that audience to your website, it will be difficult to achieve the conversionTo give an example, if you sell exclusive products for women on your website and only men enter the web, it will be difficult for your business to work. Likewise, if you offer a service only for a specific geographical area and the visits to your website occur from another area, these visits will not be of any use to you either.
First of all, it must be clear that the user when browsing the internet, NEITHER READS OR THINKS and leaves you a margin of between 3 and 5 seconds to decide whether to continue browsing your website or not.

Under this premise, what we have to do is explain very clearly and concisely what we do and what our differential advantage is, just enter the web. On the home page, the main message that is only seen entering must be “what you sell” and “why the user must buy from you”. Later, in the rest of the web, it will be possible to explain more things, but a very common error is not working properly the main message on the home page. The way to verify if we are doing it well would be to show the web to a person who does not know what we do and let him see the web for about 3 seconds, if after this time he is not able to say what we do and what you offer on the web, then your website has room for improvement.
Usability is the ability of your website to get the user to easily and quickly do what we have defined what they should do. A user must be able to navigate the web intuitively, clearly and quickly, always finding what they are looking for and enhancing the ease of purchase or contact.Check if your website is good or not, you can do a test with a person who does not know your website and you set a goal, for example, if you sell products on your website, you can tell him to try to buy a certain product and then see if You can do it simply or you get confused. You can do this with more people, and so you have more information. If most of them have problems or get mixed up, it means that you still have room for improvement on your website.This would perhaps be the most conceptual and structural factor that affects conversion, since it is not directly linked to the web but rather to your business.If you sell something exclusive, that is, no one else sells your product or service, the conversion will occur without further complication. If there are really interested in your product or service, they will look for you online, they will end up finding you and most likely they will buy from you.Set yourself a clear conversion goal
Make sure that the visits on your website are of quality
Communicate clearly and directly on your website what you do and your differential advantage
Make sure that the user when visiting the web is easy to buy or contact you
Choose a clear strategy: either you sell something exclusive, or you have the best price or you work proactively on your brand
If you still have doubts about how to improve the results of your business on the Internet, do not hesitate to contact us; )

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