What advantages does WhatsApp Business offer to brands?

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What advantages does WhatsApp Business offer to brands?

WhatsApp Business, a way of direct connection with the user
WhatsApp shines as a customer service channel because users are very familiar with how it works. For this reason, and despite the fact that there are automations and chatbots that streamline the process , the company must have staff to attend to this new means of communication. Without a doubt, it is very useful for businesses with a very strong local england cell phone numbers strategy . In WhatsApp, permission marketing becomes important because either it is the user who takes the first step to contact the brand or, conversely, the company must request permission to send them messages, something that the user can reject. However, WhatsApp Business increasingly has more functionalities aimed at reinforcing its role in the business environment: Facilitates access to the product catalog
Deploying the product catalog in WhatApp Business helps to avoid excessive and repetitive messaging with users and to continuously exchange applications. Brands can update product information, price, description or codes. These catalogs are hosted on WhatsApp servers, so they do not consume company storage space either. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, WhatsApp has beefed up this feature. Thanks to the scanning of QR codes of a brand , users can directly access the chat to start a conversation or visit the product catalog. Many companies are including this type of code on packaging, in physical stores or on purchase receipts . It is possible to integrate the shopping cart in WhatsApp Business
It is a very relevant advance in order to implement complete social commerce solutions, as we have already seen with Facebook & Instagram Shops . At the moment, WhatsApp allows adding the shopping cart to Business accounts so that the user can choose the products that interest them directly from the brand’s catalog. Even so, there is still a limitation: you cannot complete the purchase directly on a payment gateway . Instead, you must send the order to the company in a message to specify the details of the purchase. However, it seems that social commerce is not that far from becoming a reality, since WhatsApp Pay is already operational for users and companies in Brazil and India .

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You can launch Facebook Ads campaigns targeting WhatsApp
Your company’s WhatsApp Business account can also be the destination for campaigns  gulf email list  on Facebook and Instagram Ads . This is very useful for local businesses where it is necessary to make an appointment, such as restaurants, personal trainers, hairdressing and beauty services, insurance companies or small businesses. The aim is to provide the user with the fastest way to contact the company and place an order .
The campaigns can be configured with the objectives of reach, clicks or video views . The big difference in the ad is that the landing page of the ads is a conversation on WhatsApp with the company:
WhatsApp and Facebook, towards a deeper integration
In January of this year, the announcement of modifications to WhatsApp’s privacy policy caused a stampede of users towards other competing instant messaging apps such as Signal or Telegram . In fact, the latter tweeted that, in a matter of three days, it had added 25 million new downloads and already exceeded the barrier of 500 million active users per month.
Facebook has been working for some time to improve the integration between its messaging applications on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp , so that users can send messages between apps without having to switch from one to another. For advertisers, this would simplify campaign management and improve the quality of audience data . However, the negative reaction to the change by users has caused WhatsApp to delay updating its privacy policy to May . In any case, the value of WhatsApp as a very practical tool is undeniable not only to achieve sales , especially at the local level, but also to offer a customer service that manages to retain and strengthen the bond between brands and users .

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