What are the 22 marketing trends to come? (Infographic)

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What are the 22 marketing trends to come? (Infographic)

A few weeks ago, I commented in a course on “Business differentiation strategies” the importance of understanding the marketing trends that are coming in the coming years to study, analyze them and, if possible, keep them in mind in our marketing actions.
Many times companies wait for Peru Phone Number List trends to become mainstream before taking them into account. Trends that are no longer so and that everyone is taking advantage of, so by doing so, they are no longer striking or really grab people’s attention.


However, there is another small  gulf email list percentage of companies that know very well how to study these marketing trends, study them and see how to apply them before anyone else does, thus managing to position themselves as innovative or different companies before others.
Just looking for marketing trends, I came across the SME Marketing website , where they present an infographic (although divided into two parts) on all those marketing trends that must be kept in mind for the coming years.
Moreover, I would say that many of them are no longer marketing trends, but rather, a reality.
I leave you the infographic with the 22 marketing trends to consider.

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