What Are the Advantages of Ion?

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What Are the Advantages of Ion?

With the great offer of information available today, capturing the attention. Of the consumer has required more and more effort and creativity on the part of companies.

In this sense, interactivity appears as another instrument to attract and engage people .

Take a look at the advantages of having ion in adopting this new format below!

Support and onboarding in spanish
Although it is an originally north american platform, its email, chat. Support and onboarding services are already offered in spanish.

However, it is important to note that features within. The platform are, for the most part, presented with icons .

Therefore, anyone can easily make edits and settings, including users who are not familiar with english.

Multifunction Platform

The market already offers many tools to create high-quality interactive content. From those with very specific characteristics, such as the famous quiz generators., to the most complete solutions that cover several formats and functions in the same environment.

It is in this last category that ion falls, which makes it a very attractive platform for marketers.

All the needs related to Hospital Mailing Lists interactive content are provided for in this tool. Leaving the administrator only the task of integrating it into his crm and his social networks.

Is that the platform offers native integration with the main social networks. And crm in the market, in addition to several other digital marketing tools.

Versatile content editor

Hospital Mailing Lists

However, its biggest advantage is the enormous freedom it offers content producers. Many tools, although they offer a quality final result, are often. Not very flexible, which sometimes compromises the visual identity of the brands.

On ion, you have access to traditional templates, which are over 100 “Pre-made”. Interactive experiences, but you have the ability to fully edit. Them and integrate all the visual details of your brand.

Best of all, all of these edits can be done in “Click and drag” mode. At no time will you have to worry about css codes.

The user has the option of placing images and videos from his blog. As well as inserting animations and testing them in the panel itself. There are even micro-themes. With pre-set styles for colors, fonts, and other elements.

All this practicality and versatility allows any professional to produce. Interactive content on a scale and create pieces that are. Much more faithful to the image and branding of their company.

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