What Are the Challenges of This Practice?

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What Are the Challenges of This Practice?

A report by the belgian network vrt news showed files and testimonies. From employees of an external company that would prove that the. American company recorded the conversations of its users without authorization.

This was just one of countless cases of alleged invasion of privacy. That have heated up the debate about the limits of organizations. And the rights of consumers.

In this context, we can mention the main challenges that companies must face. To continue offering their clients efficient, safe and personalized solutions.

Compliance with official standards

The gdpr, the european data law that has been in force since 2018, was. The first step towards global regulation of marketing, advertising. And sales operations involving personal information.

In latin america, countries such as mexico and colombia began this process. In mexico, digital privacy is protected in its constitution. Since article 16 says that “Every person has the right to the protection. Of their personal data, access, rectification and cancellation of. The same, as well as to express their opposition”.

To this we can add the reforms of the federal penal code in which a series. Of computer crimes were established, among them. The Quality Directors Email Lists access and use of the personal information of the users. Without their consent and without having a state authorization.

In colombia, computer security has been legally studied for more than a decade.

In 2009, the violation of personal data on digital platforms was included. As a crime in the criminal code through the reform of law 1273. Which carries punishments ranging from economic. Fines to prison sentences, depending on the severity.

Data usage re-education

Quality Directors Email Lists

People’s mistrust of the security and use of their personal data is becoming clearer. This fact came to prominence recently when apple. And google announced the release of software to help monitor the new coronavirus.

Even in the chaotic environment created by the pandemic, companies have. Been the subject of tough questions online, including us senator. Richard blumenthal , who has said companies will need to convince the public that the technology will not violate people’s privacy.

All this shows us that society is maturing in the face of the great transformations. Of the century and, certainly, consumers are no longer willing. To blindly accept huge and incomprehensible terms of use and privacy policies .

Brands should therefore strive to make it clear that the use of their. Information is safe, legal, and beneficial to the consumer experience.

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