What are the dilemmas of brands when it comes to advertising?

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What are the dilemmas of brands when it comes to advertising?

Brands have the freedom to announce any message they want, of any subject, motive, purpose, however, there are dilemmas that companies must consider before advertising, despite the freedom Sweden Mobile Number List they have. The company that measures the behavior of the content of the large media, such as television and radio is Nielsen Ibope México, which in addition to measuring the rating measures conversations on social networks, Facebook and Twitter. In this case, the company receives aggregated and anonymous information, directly from Facebook, as well as Twitter APIs, in order to also measure Social TV, while respecting the privacy of users.Sweden Mobile Database

For the Nielsen Ibope Mexico client business, José Manuel Rangel, brands are currently decreasing and now they have a duty to regain consumer confidence. Likewise, advertisers seek smart investments, with a high potential for success, by making decisions, based on the Brother Cell Phone List efficiency of each type of advertising, that have a better chance of generating returns on investment. Advertisers’ dilemma is in short and long-term actions, between sales and brand power. The former have accelerated returns, such as discounted products, while in the long run the brand could be diluted.

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