What are the forms of payment in an ecommerce that you can use?

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What are the forms of payment in an ecommerce that you can use?

In the world of internet sales, it is very important to offer different payment methods to give your customers the freedom to choose the one that suits their needs. And remember that the payment method you use must guarantee the security of your customers’ data , so they can make their purchases with complete peace of mind.Today there are many payment gateways on the how to usa phone number each with different benefits. But, to make the payment process in your ecommerce as secure as possible, you must make sure you know how to choose a trusted payment gateway . That is why here we tell you what are the forms of payment in an ecommerce, and the most used and reliable payment gateways in Peru.
Whether it’s for security or convenience, customers always like to choose how to pay for their products. That is why it is very important to offer at least two different payment methods. These are the most common: Wire transferThis is one of the most common payment methods, as it is very convenient and fast. In addition, it generates greater confidence in the client because they do not need to enter their card details in any other platform. All you have to do is provide the bank account number of your company to your client and he will make the transfer through his bank’s platform. Once the payment is received, you send a confirmation email and that’s it.Of course, try to provide bank accounts with different financial institutions to give your customers more options.This payment method connects your website with the financial entities of your choice through a payment gateway, for credit and debit card payments. It is one of the most used by ecommerce, since the payment process is very simple. Although many times it generates mistrust, since customers must enter their card details on the platform. Therefore, if you decide to work with this payment method, make sure you choose a reliable and well-known payment gateway. So your customers will feel more secure when making their purchases. Payment against deliveryThis is probably the form of payment in an ecommerce that generates more confidence in customers, because they do not have to make any payment until they receive your product. The customer pays when they have the product in their hands, and can choose between paying in cash or through a card payment device (POS).But, it is not the safest payment method for companies, since if the customer does not receive the product, they will not pay for it and this means a loss for the company. Keep these pros and cons in mind if you decide to include this form of payment.

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If you are going to offer the electronic payment option in your ecommerce, you must choose an appropriate payment gateway, since this can make the difference between making more sales or losing sales. For this you  gulf email list  must take into account if the payment gateway has security certificates, the type of support it handles, the diversity of cards it accepts, among other things. Here we bring you a compilation of the 7 most used payment gateways in Peru and everything you need to know about themThis catwalk has been on the market for more than 7 years and is present in 18 countries around the world. A great advantage is that it accepts payments with international credit cards, and you will receive the money in your account in local currency. In addition, it has an anti-fraud security system with Artificial Intelligence , which reduces the fraud rate to a minimum.And with its PCI-DSS certification, you have protection at the bank level in all operations carried out.Sales commission charge: Between 3.79% and 4.59% depending on the monthly sales volume.
It does not charge membership or maintenance.
Payment time: 3 business days for bank accounts in Peru and 7 business days for bank accounts abroad.It has security protocols based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that reduce fraud. This payment gateway accepts all national and international cards, you can cancel any sale without problems within the same day of issue and request refunds up to 6 months after the sale.And to maintain the essence of your company, you have the option of customizing the payment website with your logo and colors of your choice. Commission charge for sale: 4.20% + $ 0.30 (plus VAT)
It does not charge membership or maintenance.
Payment time: 4 business days after the sale is finalized.

Allow your customers to buy in your ecommerce and make the cash payment later with a CPI code that is generated when selecting the Cash Payment on your website. With this code, the customer can enter their bank’s platform to make the payment, or do it in cash at their bank or the more than 40 thousand payment points nationwide.It is one of the payment gateways most used by ecommerce, and recognized for the security it guarantees. The best thing is that customers do not need to enter their bank account information on your website, they only have to enter an email and password that they choose when they register with Paypal. A great advantage is that Paypal is highly recognized by users, which will give them greater confidence when making purchases. In addition, it allows you to make or receive payments from up to 200 countries in the worldExtra data:Commission for sale: 5.4% + $ USD 0.30 + IGV
The withdrawal of sales is made through Interbank with a commission of 1.5%It has a high-tech platform that guarantees the security and efficiency of transfers. As in Cash Payment, payments can be made by bank transfer or cash payment without a card in more than 380 banks worldwide.In addition, SafetyPay makes the payment confirmation in real time to your customers, which will give them the assurance that their payment was successful.Commission for sale: From 3% + VAT, it is subject to evaluation according to sales volume.Payment time: Does not specifIt is a payment gateway developed by Mercado Libre, and has a high privacy standard that guarantees the security of both your data and that of your client. In addition, it has a seller protection insurance against any inconvenience.

Mercado Pago accepts payments with cards from different financial institutions, and allows you to monitor payments 24 hours a day.The commission charge is subject to the period in which you decide to withdraw your money: for immediate withdrawals it goes from 2.99% to 3.99%, and for withdrawals in 30 days it is 3.69%Does not charge maintenance or membershipThis payment gateway has the PCI DSS Certification, which guarantees the privacy and security of your customers’ data. In addition, it has CyberSource, the largest fraud detector in the world.Now that you know which are the most common forms of payment and the most used payment gateways, choose the one that best suits your requirements. Without a doubt, they are all excellent options. And best of all, they offer security for your customers.

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