What information do future dads demand through the internet?

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What information do future dads demand through the internet?

The arrival of a child is a crucial aspect in the life of every human being, which seriously worries future parents. The miracle of life raises doubts about countless questions, which in part they try to solve by using the internet. recent study by Google Think Insights shows what worries new and future parents, analyzing how they use the search engine, how often and from what devices. Thus, we have been able to verify that first-time parents or those who are waiting for their baby to be born use search engines twice as much as the rest.Mobile devices play a  guatemala phone number critical role in searches for these users. More than half of searches on motherhood are registered through mobile devices. Parents who have just had their child, and those who are waiting are up to 2.7 times more likely to use their smartphone as their priority device.


Mobile searches on this topic grew notably in 2013, increasing by up to 25%. During the first quarter of this year, 72% of searches on baby development were registered on these smart devices. Not surprisingly, it is a device that we can use anytime, anywhere, even with just one hand.The report also shows the wide variety of content that these parents demand  gulf email list 
through their mobile devices. The rise of audiovisual content stands out. The demand for videos on motherhood and child rearing increased this year by 329%.
This habit of using mobile devices to search for information is especially evident among younger parents, who use it up to 54% more than the rest. Another curious fact is that the vast majority of these searches are concentrated during the summer months, coinciding with the season in which more children are born.
Your child’s health is the primary concern of parents
Searches related to children’s health are present at all times. Both in the pre-birth phase of the child, and in the different stages of its development.Parents are interested in the future education of their children even before they are born.The study shows an evolution of searches throughout the pregnancy, as well as from the birth of the child. In this way we can appreciate college-related searches on parents who are still expecting their baby. An interest that decreases radically after the birth of the child, going on to produce more specific searches, such as food, establishments or diapers.

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