What is Amazon Retail Readiness?

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What is Amazon Retail Readiness?

Amazon has become a strong channel for conversions in online advertising. According to a report by Business Insider Intelligence , it is expected to continue china mobile phone number format  cutting positions against the incumbents Google and Facebook in the US. For the investment in promotional campaigns to achieve results that meet expectations, it is necessary to take care of the aspects that Amazon considers essential for a brand to be able to sell through its platform successfully. We see them belowWhat is Amazon Retail Readiness?
The concept of Amazon Retail Readiness encompasses the optimization and review of the factors that contribute to maximizing sales on the platform . The goal is for product pages to display relevant content to attract users and increase conversions through advertising campaigns.
Despite the fact that Amazon is developing some options more focused on branding such as display, we are talking above all about a transactional environment, so the accompaniment in the customer journey from the promotion has to be complete and be aimed at consolidating the sale.BORJA PESQUERA , MANAGING DIRECTOR AT LABELIUM SPAIThe Amazon Retail Readiness checklist
To check that a product is ready for promotion and sale on Amazon, you must follow the recommendations set by the platform itself. The Amazon Retail Readiness checklist covers the following elements:

Title of the products and brand or manufacturer
The title field on Amazon cannot exceed 200 characters with spaces . The main keyword must appear as soon as possible and must include other relevant data about the product such as model, material, color or size. It is recommended to place capital letters at the beginning of each relevant word in the title; but do not use them to write all the terms in fullAmazon does not allow the use of special symbols (punctuation symbols and -, / and & are saved), or writing overly promotional messages. On the other hand, you always have to specify the seller’s name so that the user can easily filter the products. Description and use of bullet pointsThe description should mention specific information about the product in short, concise sentences that do not exceed 500 characters in total. In addition, Amazon allows you to add five bullets or bullet points to highlight them. This is the perfect place to reinforce the main keyword and mention other secondary ones , as well as information about the warranty, the assembly (if necessary or not) and the characteristics. In any case, do not use empty expressions such as “great occasion”, “unique design” … . Product images
Both the main and secondary images must have good quality and be made on a white background . They should clearly show the product from different angles, not just the brand logo. Photos of accessories or people function as secondary images, although they cannot be the main ones. It is also possible to add a video. As for the format, the ideal size is 500 x 500 px. in JPEG.

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One of the aspects that customers value the most when making a decision is the ratings  gulf email list  of the products. They represent the quality of the service and the item , so high ratings (no less than 4 stars) are key to maximizing conversions. In this sense, the higher the number of evaluations, the better for the global calculation. The brand can request them from customers, but without bias or in exchange for coupons or other rewardsFrom the registration platform how to sell on Amazon it is possible to verify the amount of available inventory of each product by identification number or SKU and ASIN ( Amazon Standard Identification Number , the classification number generated by Amazon). There must be a sufficient inventory reserve to handle sales once the items are promoted. If the lack of stock is repeated often or is prolonged in time, the positioning of the product pages will be affected on Amazon.Formerly known as Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), A + content is intended to enhance the product page. It is a highly customizable space in which you can include images and banners, information about the brand and more blocks of text in detail. In certain product categories, the A + content is merged with the description of the same, so it is a good idea to always include the most relevant information and not just complete the descriptioIt is available to brands that have passed the Amazon registration process and are both vendors and sellers How to know if the product catalog is ready for Amazon?
Preparing the catalog to start selling through Amazon involves taking care of the aspects that define Amazon Retail Readiness. Having blurred images, incomplete product pages or with little relevant information for the customer will not only negatively impact the result of advertising campaigns, but also the organic positioning within Amazon will be penalized .In addition to the items on the Amazon Retail Readiness checklist, don’t forget to review other factors that are important from a business point of view. For example, the pricing strategy is a fundamental variable, not to mention the information regarding the shipping conditions. All this has to be carefully studied by the brand before launching any campaign.

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