What is and how will the RTB 3.0 protocol help the programmatic advertising industry?

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What is and how will the RTB 3.0 protocol help the programmatic advertising industry?

The programmatic advertising remains the format most requested by manufacturers, who have become more demanding when designing a new advertisement, which has diversified designs. Even the Office of Interactive Advertising in the United States is designing new procedures to provide greater transparency in digital advertisements Dominican Republic Mobile Number List that are distributed over the internet. And it is that specialists have baptized the new trends in the industry as “RTB 3.0” . According to Digiday, some brands are using this new automated ad buying and selling protocol because the structure of RTB 3.0 reduces duplicate code , which could drive bids and forces those involved to provide an authenticated signature, which would give to brands or ad buyers more certainty and visibility. Dominican Republic Mobile Number List

It also allows brands or marketers to offer inventory to multiple exchanges before making calls to ad servers. Apparently, the header bids caused an increase in requests for information, which made it difficult for the programmatic platforms, who had to process those requests, so if a publisher promoted open market offerings, the exchange would have to execute several specifications. , such as publisher ID and content category. According to specialists, the idea of ​​RTB 3.0 is for sellers to stamp their identifications Brother Cell Phone List so that buyers can ensure the source of supply, which will eliminate domain spoofing practices. In addition, any brand that wants to implement the protocol would have to do it through a team of engineers and web developers. Although there are similar formats, such as Ads.txt, the truth is that they are simpler, since brands update files and exchange codes but without supervision.

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