What is Co-Marketing and how to use it to amplify your results

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What is Co-Marketing and how to use it to amplify your results

Co-Marketing, as the name suggests, is shared marketing. Basically, they are two companies that have the same target audience, that align their interests and efforts to create together, an impact that they could not have aloneIt phone no search australia is very common to see, for example, associations between airlines and car rental companies, so we can say that it is a tactic that has already existed for quite some time. However, in the digital medium it takes different forms.Posts, infographics, eBooks, and many other things can be done together. For example, we created together with Rock Content the Content Marketing Guide for Results.Why Co-Marketing Makes Perfect Sense
Often your biggest competitor is that the potential client does nothing
It is very common to see companies that are very concerned with all possible competition. They believe that, even if the product is complementary or works with a different client profile, there is some level of intersection or they can fight for the same client and they prefer to treat all the other companies in the sector as great enemies.What actually happens is that, in most cases, the option to do nothing is by far the biggest competitor.client can choose not to travel, not to buy an apartment, not to hire a consultancy, not to use software or anything else that your company sells. In this sense, the more companies manage to maximize their efforts to educate the market and generate demand, the larger the size of the pie to be divided by the various players.


The ideal is to do Co-Marketing with companies that have complementary offers gulf email list and are not direct competitors, because being close products, it can be worth in that sense. If together the impact is greater than separately, the investment tends to be worth it.Authority building
Have you ever noticed how much celebrities always hang out together? Therefore, if we see someone walking with a celebrity, we already imagine that she has some importance too.Each market has its own experts and walking with them is a way to position yourself as one. Co-Marketing is a great way to show everyone that your company is part of a select group of referrals.Access to a new audience
Each of the companies works to create their own Marketing asset, producing content and investing a lot of effort to increase their audience.
However, growing is usually a real ant job – the foundation grows incrementally, a little at a time.
When we do Co-Marketing, we do not access only some new potential clients: we access a whole base, of a company that was building that asset in exactly the same way as ours.With this, both companies are able to better capitalize on their efforts and make a considerable leap in the scope of the material.Economy
The intention of Co-Marketing is precisely to do more with less. Companies divide (although not necessarily in the same proportion) costs and efforts.

Generally the result is much higher for an effort less than or equal to doing it alone.How to Co-Marketing
Choose a good partner
All the benefits that we mentioned above will only materialize if your company really chooses a good partner.
There are some elements that you should look for in a company before inviting it:
Have a relevant audience;
Have high-quality content and knowledge;
Be seen as a reference in the market;
Offer a product or service that is complementary to yours, having the same audience but not being a direct competitor.
We’re not always going to find someone with all of the above characteristics, but the more they have, the betteIf your duo does not fit into any of these elements, the chances are great that Co-Marketing will not bring good results to your company.Plan and articulate well in advance
If within the same company it is already often difficult to reconcile agendas, imagine when this involves people who are more distant and with the other priorities and demands.Generally, there are several steps necessary for the project to happen and it is necessary to fit into the agenda of the two marketing teams: an initial alignment meeting, definition of the content, production of the content, design, recording (in the case of webinars), creation of Landing Pages, planning and execution of the promotion in social media, email marketing, etc.
It is natural that each company works with its priorities and, often, deadlines may not be specified. If your company does not plan ahead and works with a margin of rest, there is a good chance that a delay will hinder the fulfillment of the goals of the month.

Make work easier for the other party
If you are the one inviting another company to co-market, make sure the invitation is easily acceptable.It is very likely that the other company is not thinking about it, has another thousand projects underway and does not know that doing the action can have a cost.So consider going further and doing a majority of the work, making it easier for the other side to get in on the action. It is possible to take responsibility, for example, of a greater part in the production of content and design, the editing of the video among others. Also think about the articles that will help the other side to give it more momentum: texts ready for them to publish on the blog, an Email Marketing template to be triggered or even a checklist of ways to promote the material already help a lot and guarantee that the partner helps in the results.Always looking for a win-win relationshipWhatever the situation, a Co-Marketing will only be effective and sustainable if it has a clear win for both sides.If the partner does not help to disseminate the material or if you do not have a basis or something of value to offer, for example, the possibilities of frustration for one of the parties are huge. This tends to wear down the relationship between the companies, hurts the possibilities of future actions and wastes considerable time without a justifiable return.
We hope that with these tips you can start looking for allies for new Co-Marketing.

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