What is copywriting and why should you know how to use it?

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What is copywriting and why should you know how to use it?

I am sure that you have already read and heard this phrase many times:CONTENT IS KING
Well then who is the king’s father?
Without a doubt the CopyWriter.
How? What have you never heard about what Copywriting is?Today you are in luck, because I prepared a small article on this subject since several readers had suggested it to me at the time.As always, first things first.Mariano What is Copywriting? How do you eao the growth of digital India Phone Number List social networks, blogs and other elements, has taken a lot of stir; the truth is that the concept does not have much new (Yes instead its techniques)Copywriting has existed for years, since the time when advertising agencies used the use of so-called “copywriters” (Copywriters) who were responsible for developing the messages of the ads to “persuade” people.
But relax because later I will explain in depth what current Copywriting is about.
Meanwhile, there is something I want to tell you.Why all the fuss now with Copywriting?
Because with the explosion of communication platforms in recent times and their access to everyone, people had to learn techniques or concepts that were previously known to a few.50 years ago, blogs did not exist and today anyone can have one.
And if you have a blog (like in my case), it means that you should learn to write to care for, retain or persuade your readers, or not?
So with this little introduction we now get to the bottom of the matter.
What is this about current Copywriting?
This is one of the most important activities in marketing today.
People are no longer consuming advertising, but we do need knowledge and information.
You are here for a reason, reading this blog, or am I wrong?
This is where Copywriting resurfaces like a Phoenix (I am, inspired today)

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It is not meant to replace advertising itself, given that over time it has accompanied and complemented it; But in the world of the internet, yes it is.Why?
Because people want  gulf email list content , not advertising.
To see advertising we turn on the TV, we open the newspaper or we simply go out to the street for a walk.
But remember:
Thus, we could define copywriting as the art of writing content to persuade people, keep their attention and even motivate them to action.
I say “Action” because I don’t like to say “Sale.”
Many times we can motivate someone to fill out a form or leave us their email for tomorrow to sell them something, but initially we just wanted their email.
n short, we must write to convince and if you reached this point in the article, then I think I have been doing a good job …It is more now that I think about it, I could even charge for this!
Where can you apply it?
Currently in countless platforms and formats. As it is a concept that was born with traditional advertising, it has simply varied platforms.
Whether you are about to write a press release, a headline for a news outlet, an article on your blog or perhaps a Landing Page style page, copywriting works, because in the long run it seeks to “persuade”
What is required to do Copywriting?
We have already seen what Copywriting is, but in order not to leave you with a little taste, I thought of adding a few more things.
For me there are 5 fundamental elements to be able to start being a Copywriter in the first place.
First, don’t write like an animal:
To write like a decent person you have to learn and develop the habit of reading.
So sorry, but start opening those books at once.
Second, you have to be open minded:
Many people write as they think and that is a problem for the copywriter, since he must write for the minds of others, not his own.
Third, you have to know about marketing:

It is not only about writing well, but you also have to know how to build messages that have a basis in marketing and advertising.
Fourth, you have to learn about psychology:
As I put above, we do not write for ourselves. We write for others.
So knowing a little psychology is not going to hurt you, quite the opposite.
Fifth, you should know how to sell:
In the long run when we write we want to sell something , an idea, a concept, a reason, a product, etc.
He who knows how to write and how to sell can be a good copywriter.CLICK TO TWEET
That’s all? Are there no more secrets to being a good Copywriter?
If you came this far looking for the secret or the magic formula to do copywriting, I’m sorry to disappoint you by telling you that it does not exist.
What does exist is to have in mind what we want to achieve with what we are writing, who we want to persuade and be clear about some techniques.
If you want to improve your copywriting technique, I recommend reading this article with 17 tips on the subject , which I am sure will help you a lot.
Techniques? Do I want to know them?
Do not worry!!! That so much information at once can be counterproductive for your health.
The objective of this article is to provide you with an introduction to the concept of copywriting, something simple to delve into these topics later.
However, I leave you some wise advice from Vilma Nuñez that he put a few days ago in his article ” 10 principles of copywriting for SMEs “

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