What is copywriting?

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What is copywriting?

Do you like football? Whether that is the case or not, you will understand what copywriting is without problem with this sports simile: copywriting is football, copywriter is soccer player and copy is ball. That you still have doubts? We understand. That is why we have created a full post to explain in detail the meaning of each of these terms.Promise: at the end of the post you will understand perfectly why we have used the example of soccerIn two words, persuasive writing . It is a skill that uses words as tools to highlight the value of something over the rest. It can also be defined as a series of techniques to convince the reader that carrying out a certain action is a good idea. And, for you to understand it better, in this post copywriting is football , a sport that generates so many passions that it makes us think that spending a real fortune on a single ticket to go to the field is worth it.For what do you use it?
Copywriting techniques are applied to any message that leaves the company: email marketing, social networks, product description of an online store , articles for blogs, advertising campaigns … TO-DO. Because each and every word that comes out of a cell phone number database free  can be used in its favor … or against it. Therefore, you have to measure a lot what you want to say and what you don’t.To ensure that all these messages have the same voice and pursue common objectives, a strategy must be carried out . In it, all the ways and formulas by which the messages that are considered appropriate can be sent for users to carry out specific actions will be analyzed. The latter can be purchases, subscription to the newsletter or a like on Facebook. Soccer example: clubs promote their matches not because they consider your entertainment to be the end goal; They do it because their real goal is for you to buy tickets, T-shirts, and scarves. In short, to earn money.



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He is in charge of executing the strategy, the professional who uses words as work tools to achieve  gulf email list  specific and measurable objectives , the one who uses persuasive writing to convince the user to take an action. Now that you know what a copywriter is, in our football fantasy, it is the footballer , the person who knows how to perfectly use the techniques to move the legs and the ball in a certain way that fascinates us.It has the ability to seduce visitors through written words , since it is giving sufficient and tangible reasons for the user to have the need and consider that the action or product exhibited is essential.
The tools are the same for all professionals: the words. But these can be used the right way or the wrong way. In the same way, a good footballer can carry out pipes and goals that are true works of art and make us jump out of the chair with passion. Others, with the same ball and the same muscular and bone structure in the legs, do not know how to score a goal.So what is a copy?
It is the message, the set of words that are chosen to persuade the user that carrying out a certain action is, clearly, a good idea. Copy is the ball, the instrument that, well used, makes us feel the right emotions, the mechanism that scores goals . It is the tool that, well used, captures the user’s attention to the right place, which leads them to carry out specific actions.
Do you already have at least a notion of what copywriting is? Remember that, with our help, you can put a whole content strategy at the service of your project. Score goals for your competition with attractive messages!

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