What is #covfefe? These brands attribute it to their products

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What is #covfefe? These brands attribute it to their products

Donald Trump’s most effective tweet , with the greatest reach on RT, FAV and replies, is a nonsensical one that he posted at dawn and that includes the mysterious #covfefe . Minutes after the publication, the issue became a global trend, due to the relevance that the President has on Mexico Mobile Number List social networks, especially on Twitter. Although the most logical thing is that he actually wanted to write “coverage”, the truth is that the meaning has become an opportunity for brands to attribute the trend to their products. Such as Hawkers, who joined by asking his 180,000 Twitter followers to mention #covfefe to win some glasses. Mulato Coffee House proposes a mug with the hashtag as the main character.Mexico Mobile Database

Users of social networks could not pass up the relationship of the word that sounds like “coffee” What is #covfefe? These brands attribute it to their products with the retail chain Starbucks. The companies manage to add followers in social networks such as Twitter, after creatively joining the trends; however, they run the risk of generating an ineffective strategy Brother Cell Phone List and that virality will reverse against their publication. In the case of Trump’s tweet, the President once again demonstrates his power in social networks, mainly in the 140-character one, which he has even promoted as a platform where politicians and brands can give official announcements. What is #covfefe? These brands attribute it to their products.

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